The Designer and Entrepreneur Neha Kabra from MAATI, an PETA Verified Brand


Entrepreneurial experience from Neha Kabra, a fervent designer, travel Entusiasts and an Entrepreneur.

Neha Kabra always knew she would like to work in the field of design, and therefore, she attended Raffles Mumbai, and then took an apprenticeship as an fashion stylist.

In the capital city she collaborated alongside other designers who traveled to Mumbai and also worked for Lakme.

A brief stint as a salesgirl or graphic designer and other odd tasks were all attempted to determine what she could do. What would she choose to work at?

After finishing her design studies at Raffles Neha relocated to London and enrolled in a course to learn how to cut patterns from central St.Martin that also taught her the techniques of Fashion.

As a driven and ambitious person She always desired to create something unique in her college years to something unique to her fashion!

Before moving to London The idea to be sustainable and Maati came to light through her own research and the development of the brand started.

Neha is originally from Udaipur and she is thankful that her childhood was in the most natural setting that helped her be a sustainable and simple person.

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Maati was launched in December 2017.

Before officially launching the brand Neha along with her colleagues held an unintentional pop-up in September, to conduct tests of their clothes before they officially launching it. The journey she has taken was beautiful, with many highs and lows.

With confidence and awe, she affirms “The purpose Maati’s mission Maati is to let your body, mind and spirit to relax and be a place where you can purchase sustainable products at a reasonable price; is that it’s a bundle of everything good and leaves behind a trail of goodwill that isn’t always present in the present day.”

Neha sings “I love traditional craftsmanship.” I must admit that I’m not a particularly technological person. However, I over time, I came to know the communities that constitute the basis of my travels.

My journey began when I met the weavers from Bengal and we all contributing to one another.

This year, I’m already using the resources I have, as it is difficult for my communities However, we have split the work between the clusters, and are innovating to be a part of the solution.

The next 5 years I can see Maati truly gaining momentum particularly in the market for sustainable clothing”.

Neha’s suggestion to entrepreneurs who are just starting out is to follow your gut feelings and to not get discouraged by lows that are temporary and to remember that everything will add up eventually.

She concludes her speech by saying that you can’t always duplicate the entrepreneurial journey of someone else It is something that can only be experienced by following the footsteps of their own.


Maati The name taken from the soil, as we all come from the soil , and then dissolve within the same.

Maati from Neha Kabra Maati by Neha Kabra is a new  brand that is based in Udaipur, Rajasthan that understands the importance of the need for efficiency and expressiveness.

Through a simple interface, Maati uses pure and simple silhouettes to bring the best out of people. It is a firm believer of letting the hair loose and letting the breeze flow through. It would like that you feel the roughness of the earth.

Every piece that is part of Maati is designed with a unique the idea of wearingability. Maati aims to give each design its own unique identity. This makes limited designs because the less is more.

It is a firm believer in the principle that ‘The more at ease you feel, the more productive you’ll be’.

In addition to fashion, Maati also experiments with traditional Indian printing techniques that are made by hand, which makes each piece distinctively different from the next. What you buy is Unique.

Maati is an environmentally sustainable, PETA verified brand. Every step it takes it strives to be careful and follows the sustainability agenda in mind.

A portion of their fabric has been recycled The dyes and colors are sourced from nature, without harming it , and the packaging is made of plastic. Maati’s philosophy is to grow but with the rest of us which is why it’s an honest and authentic project that has fashion and clothing as its components.


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