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social media aggregator

If you are running a brand’s website, gaining your customer’s trust is one of the priorities. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by presenting the worthwhile experiences of other people. Social Media platforms are places where people rush to share their experiences, testimonials, and feedback involving brands and this is just the recipe you are looking for to grow your customer base.

However, you can’t go on an expedition to find all the social media content involving your brand on your own as it would take multiple hours of yours. This part is where the task of collecting relevant content for your website under one roof becomes effortless for you on the back of Social Media Aggregators. Carrying out a successful marketing campaign has evolved in recent years, and social media aggregation tools play a significant role in this venture.

Creating a long-lasting digital imprint in your niche becomes achievable on the back of social media aggregators that are fortunately available in more significant numbers in the present day and age. So let’s understand the process in a detailed manner.

What is a Social Media Aggregator?

If we go by Wikipedia, combining content from numerous social media platforms into a single cohesive presentation, such as a web widget, social media wall, or similar, is known as social media aggregation.

The volume of social media content has grown immensely over the years, and finding the content that would be relevant to our brand from all the scattered information has become an uphill task. A social media aggregator ensures that you find the appropriate information to enhance reach and engagement in minutes.

Incorporating the social media aggregation process into your business is no rocket science. It takes minimal effort and produces drastic reach, engagement, and user trust results.

How do Social Media Aggregators work?

Let us understand how a social media aggregator works in steps.

  1. Collect: The first step involved in the working of social media aggregation is collecting all the relevant content from various social media platforms to help you gain the trust of your audience.
  2. Curate: To ensure that you save your time and energy, the content curation step of social media aggregators allows you to create a fantastic presentation of all the relatable content in the form of hashtag mentions, social media feeds, and reviews from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  3. Embed: Now, since you have collected and curated all the worthy content for your potential customers, you can get them hooked to your brand. Next, you need to copy the embed code and paste it to your website wherever you find it suitable. This step would be followed by an influx of customers that would dwell for more extended periods on your website on the back of the trust and awareness they received through the combined 3-step procedure of a social media aggregation tool.

Benefits of Social Media Aggregators for Websites

1. Social Media Proof

An astute social media presence that revolves around mentions and hashtags of your products serves brilliantly in turning your potential customers into your customers. If you place yourself in the shoes of a potential customer, you will find that mentions of a brand on social media from happy customers would bridge the trust gap you are looking to fill as a potential customer. 

A social media mention aggregator on your website would go a long way in converting your potential customers into loyal customers.

2. Saves Time and Energy

Going to several social media channels one by one, copying the content, and embedding it on your website turns out to be an uphill task that would consume a large chunk of your time and energy.

Content aggregators will save you time and money by automating the process of handpicking and displaying content from all of your platforms. As a result, it’s both less expensive and more effective than developing content on your own.

3. Gives you an edge over your competitors

Standing apart from the crowd is essential no matter the field, and in the field of online marketing, nobody helps you do it better than Social Media aggregators. The authentic and unique content created about your brand through social media influencers collected by social media aggregators turns out to be your golden ticket to reaching the purpose of your marketing campaign.

Types of Social Media Aggregators

  • Facebook aggregator assists you in fetching business page posts and mentions.
  • Twitter aggregator assists you in generating hashtags or posts where your account is mentioned and embedding them on your website.
  • Instagram aggregator assists you in collecting posts published on your Instagram profile, generating particular hashtags or account mentions.
  • Youtube aggregator assists you in creating a video feed from a youtube channel and portraying it on your website.

Checklist of Various Social Media Aggregators

Staying up to date in showcasing relatable social posts on your website should be your topmost priority if you want to create a website that will serve you for years.

Regularly updating your website with the most recent social media updates can decide whether your website will reach the number of people you expect.   

However, as previously indicated, some social media aggregators can eliminate this task from your to-do list.

Now, let us look at some of the best social media aggregation tools doing rounds.

1. Taggbox Widget

Presenting the best content according to customers’ needs will help you gather a loyal customer base. Taggbox widget is the master of ironing out the unnecessary content and presenting what would make lives better for its customers. You can make clever use of auto-moderation, profanity filters, or create custom moderation rules according to your needs.

2. SnapWidget

Suppose you are a brand that sees Instagram and Facebook as a significant part of your business. In that case, SnapWidget is your go-to social media aggregation tool since it assists you in presenting Instagram and Facebook posts in the best possible manner.

3. Stackla

Functionality holds excellent importance when aggregating social media content, and Stackla is a master at it. We are moving towards a next-generation content management suite of platforms, and Stackla is a vital member of this shift as it is making content creation through machine learning. As a medium and large business, you can instantly create an eye-catching UGC library through Stackla.

Wrap Up

If boosting your marketing efforts is on your mind, then we are sure that this piece of information about social media aggregators would serve you well. However, from the various options, we have provided to you, it is up to you to find out the one that suits your demands and preferences.

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