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Residential Plumbing Repair
Residential Plumbing Repair

There are many sizes of shower trays available on the market said Residential Plumbing Repair company, as well as the shape, this will probably be your first consideration. This will be dictated in part by the space you are installing into and the shower door or enclosure you have chosen.

The most popular shapes are rectangles, quadrants, and squares fitting into nooks and crannies. Offset oval and pentangular designs are less popular but attractive, creating a 5-sided shower space.

Install a shower: Our plumber from Residential Plumbing Repair intervenes to help you out

At Residential Plumbing Repair, we are professional installers of all types of showers and bathrooms, including updating your tub to an easy-access shower, with minimal fuss, the shower adapts to the bathroom. the footprint of your old bathtub.

If you are looking for a professional for a shower installation in Paris, please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. Our friendly, courteous, and professional team can advise you on the best option for installing a shower safely.

Larger shower spaces will require rectangular or walk-in style shower trays while smaller showers for a bathroom might use a small quadrant or square design.

Ultra-flat receivers

An ultra-flat shower tray offers a wider visual perception of the environment. The entire area appears to expand creating a uniform surface and taking up minimal space.

An ultra-flat shower tray increases the functionality of the bathroom, facilitating access for children and the elderly. The ultra-flat area has no obstacles, minimizing the risk of tripping or slipping.

The floor-level shower tray is designed for easy maintenance. Compared to traditional trays, this modern and functional tray has fewer edges and crevices and its unique shape allows for faster and easier cleaning.

The prices are affordable. A floor-level shower tray allows customers to find various solutions, even when replacing an old bathtub. Ultra-flat shower trays, even if they require waterproofing the tiling, are still quite affordable.

They are commercially available in a wide range of materials and finishes for endless bathroom interior design combinations. Elegant and functional shower trays in resin, ceramic (cheaper), or conglomerates are available on the market but, whatever the choice, the planning must be detailed and calculated to the nearest millimeter.

Italian shower

A walk-in shower, a barrier-free shower, is growing in popularity and is more frequently used in modern bathroom design. These popular types of shower floors are mainly installed in combination with a linear shower drain, which offers several advantages like easy cleaning, the use of large format tiles, and a one-way slope towards the drain. Rimless showers allow people who cannot transfer directly into the shower to use a shower wheelchair, with or without assistance.

In addition, in this type of shower, the wheelchair user can easily be transferred to the shower bench (integrated, folding or portable), and then close the shower curtain to prevent their wheelchair from getting wet. Unlike bathtub transfers, this type of transfer does not require the person to lift their legs over the edge, making it a convenient and beneficial unit for seniors.

The combined shower bath

Designing a bathroom always raises a host of issues and chief among them is getting the proportions and functionality right. Professional bathroom designers make it all so easy.

Installing a tub shower combo is an incredibly practical solution for any busy household. Bath shower spaces are so much sleeker than they once were, so there’s no reason not to consider this solution. Gone are the days when a tub and shower combination was considered a bit of a compromise.


How to install a shower column?

Try to set your column high enough for the tallest person in your house, but not so low that your shower head swings within 25mm of the overflow level of the nearby shower tray, bath, or basin. If it’s too low, used water could go back into your home supply.

Then place the supports at the ends of the column and mark the position of the fixing hole for the lowest support.

First, use an electronic detector to carefully check that there are no hidden pipes or cables. Then drill where you marked the position of the bottom bracket. Insert a wall outlet and squeeze a spot of sanitary silicone sealant onto it.

Secure the bottom bracket to the bottom hole, using the screw provided. To find the position of the upper mounting hole, simply put the column back on the lower bracket and place the other mounting bracket on top of the column. Use a spirit level to check that it is vertical and mark the top mounting hole on the wall.

Remove the column and drill and patch the wall as you did before. Then screw the upper support with the column in place. Finally, place the bracket covers on the upper and lower brackets.

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