The best waterpark in California

best waterpark in california

The best waterpark in California is Wild Water Adventure Park Clovis – the biggest waterpark in the US!

Wild Water Adventure Park Clovis, the largest waterpark in the US, is the best waterpark in California. Since it initially opened in 1979, this waterpark has thrilled Californians with its exhilarating rides, enormous wave pools, and spraying slides. This waterpark should be at the top of your list of things to do if you’re traveling to California!

Wild Water Adventure Park Clovis Overview

The best place for families, young and old, to have a blast all summer long is Wild Water Adventure Park Clovis. The best part is that everyone may find enjoyment. For children under 36 inches tall, there are moderate waves and waves as well as the opportunity to play with dinosaurs at Dino Island.

For more seasoned surfers, there are tube slides best waterpark in California, body slides, tunnels, and tremendous slides that are up to 60 feet high. Visit X-Stream for seven wild-body rides, including Aqua Lounger Ride, and splash pools that are ideal for relaxing in the sun while the kids cool off if you want to get wetter than that. What’s best? You can visit all attractions as much as you like throughout the day to stay cool and refreshed because admission includes unrestricted usage of all attractions.

Biggest waterpark in the USA

Before your journey, make a quick list of probable places you could explore. Please be sure to contact ahead and make an appointment if you plan to arrange a full day of activities. Utilize your vacation time to travel to some of the largest water parks in the US, which are scattered around the country. Before visiting, we suggest calling the various institutions to speak with a staff person and get all of your questions answered. You may always inquire about the number of slides they have or the age groups they cater to, such as whether they offer adult-only areas or family-friendly attractions with inflatable slides for children.

What’s the best waterpark in California?

A large, interactive pirate ship slide and a lazy river big enough for everyone may be found at Wild Water Adventure Park in Clovis. The ideal setting for families!

This Clovis attraction will be enjoyable for families, kids, and adults alike.

The greatest waterpark in California is a family-friendly resort and is situated in Clovis, California. It’s also one of the biggest and most complex on the entire planet. Numerous enjoyable rides are available, including The Beast, a lengthy waterslide with a lot of speed. This captivating draw is set off by the summertime tunes, and you’ll find yourself swaying from side to side to keep up with whichever song is playing.

There are also constantly new games to discover. So everyone can enjoy themselves at this fantastic waterpark in California Clovis, regardless of age. What better way to end a hot day of playing in the sun than with a cool splash down the tube slide? There are attractions like Lazy River or Bubbles Beach for families traveling with kids that give parents some relaxation while still letting their kids have fun.

Fun things to do at Wild Water Adventures – Go Karts, Bumper Boats, Ropes Course, Nature Walk

At Wild Water Adventures, we’re never just about having fun. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and we have a variety of rides and attractions to choose from. You’ll be ready to race go-karts or try bumper boats or take on our ropes course with your friends, while our beautiful Nature Walk will take you through serene sights of natural beauty.

If you need a break from the heat or exploring there are outdoor misting stations throughout the park to cool off and recharge (it’s all included in your admission price!). Come join us at Family Kingdom Fun Centers’ newest attraction today and see why it’s one of the best water parks in California! It’s perfect for families because there are plenty of safe and exciting activities for kids of all ages.

We have water slides that range from beginner to expert levels so the whole family can have fun together without feeling bored waiting in line. Our wave pool is perfect for anyone who wants some white-water excitement without getting wet. It features enough waves to keep you busy even when you come back again and again!

Safety Precautions & Advice

A way to avoid dehydration at an amusement park is to make sure to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It is also a good idea not to try something too new that might lead you away from family and other friends, as well as take turns riding rides with people if possible.

Always remember to let someone know where you are going before you leave, so they will be able to find you if needed. Make sure your phone has enough battery, as some phones require an active connection for GPS tracking devices. Be sure not to block any fire lanes and know what emergency exit exists for every ride at your park.

You should also never run on a slippery surface or swing on a swing too high; this could result in injury. When using slides, always hold onto the railing when going down and always go feet first. If it gets crowded, don’t stand up on lines or slide down head first or backward; instead, step out of line to prevent accidents or injuries. Finally, if you happen to get separated from your group while inside the park contact security immediately!

How to get there & contact details

Family-friendly, easy to find from Fresno, CA; also located just off Hwy 99; Directions: To get to Calaveras County, CA from Fresno head west on Hwy 180 (the Eureka/Fresno exit) towards Highway 99. Turn left onto Highway 99 and go about 4 miles until you see a sign for Enterprise Road. Turn right at Enterprise Road and travel east for about 3 miles. You will see a big sign on your left for Wild Water Adventures Park. Turn left here and follow the signs to the parking lot (entrance on Klondike).



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