The Best PMC Green Listed Universities in Kyrgyzstan

PMC Green Listed Universities in Kyrgyzstan

Fee structure for MBBS students from Pakistan in Kyrgyzstan – 2022-23

Kyrgyzstan is a well-known destination for international students studying medicine in English. The tuition fees for the PMC Green Listed Universities in Kyrgyzstan are very economical and affordable for Pakistani students. The enrolment process is very simple and Pakistani students can easily adapt to the living conditions in this Muslim country. The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek. There are a number of reputable public and private medical institutions in Kyrgyzstan offering MBBS/MD in General Medicine to foreign students.

Reasons to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

√ Students can pay tuition fee and boarding fee per semester.

√ More than 3000 international students enrol in MBBS/MD programme in Kyrgyzstan every year.

√ Many students come from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and many African countries.

√ Living and food costs are very reasonable.

√ Dormitories are fully furnished and separate dormitories are available for female students.

√ Students can travel easily by obtaining an e-visa. There is no need to obtain a visa from the Kyrgyz Embassy.

√ Kyrgyz Medical University is approved by the NMC and BMDC as well as the PMC.

√ The curriculum of the Kyrgyz Medical College is the same as that of the medical colleges in Pakistan and India.

MBBS course

Most of the Pakistani and Indian students are interested in studying medicine in Kyrgyzstan because the MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan takes only five years, saving one year. Since PMC accepts five-year medical schools, Pakistani students can do PMC NLE in Pakistan and apply for other accreditation exams such as USMLE (US), PLAB (UK GMC), NMC India and AMC (Australia).

Below is the tuition fee structure for PMC Category A universities in Kyrgyzstan

Here are the three Kyrgyz PMCs listed in the A-List of Medical Universities and the National List-2. MBBS tuition fees range from US$ 1,700 to US$ 2,500 per semester, while hostel fees range from US$ 300 to US$ 400 per semester, depending on living standards and location. Pakistani and Indian students pay US$600 per semester in tuition fees.

Name of university Tuition per semester

1 International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) US $2250

2 Jalalabad State University (JASU) US$ 1,750.

3 International University of Kyrgyzstan (IUK-ISM) US$ 2250

Admission criteria.

Students who have achieved at least 60% HSSC/GCE A-Levels are eligible to apply.

Students must be in good health and under 30 years of age.

Educational documents must be notarized and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Admission procedure.

Students pay an application fee of USD 300 and submit the following documents Kyrgyz universities usually issue admission letters within 7-10 working days. Visa applications usually take 30-40 days or depending on circumstances. Kyrgyz universities accept Pakistani students twice a year (autumn and spring).

Required documents.

Documentation at SSC/10 level.

HSSC/GCE A-Levels documentation.

Page 1 of passport

NEET Eligibility Certificate (Indian applicants)

Recent photograph on white background

Note: all these documents must be properly read by a scanner, not a mobile scanner. Students can send these documents to the official email address or submit the application online to start the process.

Kyrgyz medical colleges for Pakistani students

Below are details of medical colleges that have been classified as Category A by the PMC (Pakistan Medical Council) and approved by the NMC (National Medical Council of India). Applications are now open for the September 2022-2023 programme.

  1. International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM)

The International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) was established in 2003 as a constituent unit of the International Union of Universities of Kyrgyzstan (IUK). The main premise for its creation was a strategy to reform the Kyrgyz education system and improve the competitiveness of the country’s universities, and the IHSM’s management and faculty are focused on creating a modern, dynamic institution capable of providing quality education and being competitive in the medical education market.

The main functions of the IHSM are:

√ The IHSM is located in Bishkek and is accredited by the World Health Organisation.

√ The International Higher Medical School is a private medical school based in Kyrgyzstan, offering 05 years of general medicine.

√ International Higher Medical School is a PMC Category A university in Kyrgyzstan.

√ Pakistani students who complete their training at the International Higher Medical College of Kyrgyzstan are eligible to sit for the PMC NLE examination.

√ IHSM Kyrgyz International Higher Medical Academy has 05 affiliated hospitals.

The IHSM School’s medical school program is one of the best in the country, with faculty, researchers, and physicians who are leading experts in their fields; more than 10 teams of IHSM international students have graduated and are working in prestigious hospitals in Pakistan and abroad. Foreign graduates can apply for ECFMG accreditation. The International Medical University of Kyrgyzstan, ISM, is ranked 09th. The management and faculty of ISM Bishkek are focused on creating a modern and dynamic institution that is able to provide quality education and is competitive in the medical education market.

The International Higher Medical Academy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, is a modern university with comprehensive infrastructure and an experienced faculty of nationally and internationally recognized experts in various fields of medicine, professional medical institutions and organizations. 15 years ago, the first intake of students was only 13; today, about 3,500 students are enrolled.

Our graduates have passed medical certification exams in their home countries as well as in the United States and the United Kingdom. Graduates continue their health research as graduate students at leading research institutions in North America and Europe, and are engaged in medical activities around the world.

  1. 2. IUK-ISM Eastern Medical Campus.

Kyrgyz International University was established in the Kyrgyz Republic by Presidential Decree No. 74 of March 11, 1993, as a university with the status of an international institution of higher education.

By Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 74 of February 8, 1999, Kyrgyz International University was granted the status of an independent university necessary to enter the global educational environment. Later, by Decree No. 53 of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of February 12, 2003, the University was reborn as an academic consortium “Kyrgyz International University” (IUK).

In 2018, the Eastern Medical Campus of Kyrgyz International University was established. The Eastern Campus of the International Medical College is accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the MD〉Doctor of General Medicine program is approved by the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC). The majority of students at the College of Oriental Medicine are from Pakistan. The campus of the College of Oriental Medicine is new, well-equipped, and safe for international students. Currently, more than 1,500 Pakistani men and women are studying general medicine at IUK-ISM.

  1. Jalalabad State University

The Kyrgyz State University in Jalalabad was opened on April 2, 1993 by decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic as a national educational institution with the purpose of providing basic and complete higher education for specialists in electronics, energy, construction, education, and the agro-industrial complex.

Tuition fees at the National University of Jalalabad are economical and minimal for Pakistani and foreign students. The university also offers a wide range of sports activities such as soccer, swimming, tennis, and cricket. A cricket tournament for international students is held every April.

This is the best feature of JASU

Jalal Abad National University Medical College is accredited by PMC and classified as “PMC Category A”.

Jalal Abad National University is the best university for Pakistani and Indian students to study MBBS/MD.

Pakistani students can apply for the PMC NLE exam after completing their studies.

Excellent faculty and high standard of medical specialty education.

The MBBS/MD Medical Program is a five-year course of study conducted in English.

The curriculum is clinically oriented, with clinical rotations in hospitals from the second to the final year.

There are approximately 200 teachers, 45 of whom are outstanding students or of the highest rank.

Graduate and doctoral programs offer a wide range of specializations.

Graduates of Jalalabad National University can also apply for USMLE, PLAB, GMC, NMC India, and ECFMG certificates.


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