The best International private preschool in Singapore you should explore for your child


Preschool education is important for children’s early development. It assists them in developing an early love of learning, maturing socially and emotionally, learning to care for themselves and others, making decisions, and preparing for kindergarten.

While there are numerous advantages, you may want to learn more about how Singapore preschool works before enrolling your child or children, which is where I can assist. The Early Childhood Development Agency oversees education for children under the age of seven in Singapore, including kindergartens and childcare centers (ECDA). The organization strives to ensure that every child in Singapore preschool has a positive early experience as a result of quality care and education.

When do kids enter Preschools in Singapore?

Most children start preschool around the age of four or five. There are also programmes for children as young as three years old. However, when a child enters preschool is entirely up to the parents. Parents who want to enroll their children in preschool should consider a number of factors. These factors include, among others, age, self awareness, sociability, and temperament.

In Singapore, the preschool age is four years old. Preschool education in Singapore can last up to four years for the standard kindergarten age. Although it is not compulsory for children in Singapore to attend preschool, many parents recognise the value of a preschool education and have enrolled their children in government-run preschools or international private preschools.


Education System in Singapore

If you’re wondering whether public or private schools in Singapore are the best option for your child’s education, let me clear this out for you. Let’s look into Singapore’s K-12 education system together.

Singapore’s education system is regarded as one of the best in the world, receiving international recognition and acclaim. Singapore’s schools have grown from a low-skill labor-driven market during the Independence era to an incredibly advanced education system over the last 50 years. 

Local public schools in Singapore place a premium on academic excellence and strive to produce the best results in their students. International schools, on the other hand, are springing up to meet the diverse educational needs of the expat families who relocate to Singapore from all over the world.



Public and Private Schools in Singapore

Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MoE) runs a network of MOE Kindergartens (MK) throughout the country. MKs provide a low-cost, all-inclusive preschool education to children aged four to six. Singapore currently has over 20 MKs, with the country aiming to open 50 MKs by 2023.

Singapore also has a large number of privately owned preschools. Private preschools are free to create their own teaching methods and programmes. These private preschools are also available to the children of expats. Children from these preschools typically progress to international schools for primary school and beyond.


Types of Curriculum offered at Preschools in Singapore

  1.   Montessori
  2.   Reggio Emilia
  3.   Waldorf Steiner
  4.   The High Scope Method
  5.   Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences


Where to find the best Private school in Singapore?

If you are in search of the best preschool in Singapore, that gives international education and matches global standards when it comes to facilities, Global Indian International School should be your pick.

The school provides the above mentioned Montessori method of teaching. Their approach to pre-school learning combines the best of traditional Montessori philosophy with the demands of modern learning, establishing us as one of Singapore’s leading kindergartens.

Not just that, they add their ‘Plus’ to the program and call it the ‘The Global Montessori Plus curriculum’, which provides holistic learning opportunities to students in their foundational years. It is the most award-winning Montessori curriculum available in Singapore. 

The school instills a strong love of learning in preschoolers through modern teaching methods and cutting-edge infrastructure, allowing them to grow into curious students ready to face the challenges of the digital world. Without a doubt, every parent wants the best educational experience for their child. But the term “best” is defined differently by each individual. Some people prefer a creative and engaging environment, while others prefer a focused and futuristic environment. 

In Singapore, you will be able to find the best fit for your child regardless of their needs! Therefore, if you are looking for the best private preschool in Singapore, I hope this article helps you and will lead you to make an informed decision.



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