The Advantages of Cardboard Display Boxes

Cardboard display boxes

A custom cardboard product display box will improve your recognition while maintaining an environmentally friendly and user-friendly design. Cardboard product display boxes are also very inexpensive and can be custom-made to fit any size, shape, and style requirement. Read on to find out more about this eco-friendly packaging solution. You can get a custom cardboard display box for your business at an affordable wholesale price from ICM PACKAGING. To ensure the best possible exposure for your products, you can select the design that best suits your brand.

Corrugated cardboard

In addition to helping your products stand out and stay organized, Corrugated Cardboard Display Boxes can also act as a powerful marketing tool. ICM Packaging is an expert in the manufacturing of these types of boxes and can help you create the perfect display for your product. Read on to learn more about this versatile display type and how to use it effectively. Also known as ballot boxes, these display boxes can be used for various purposes such as contests and raffles.

One of the biggest benefits of using Cardboard Display Boxes for retail purposes is that they are 100% recyclable. Corrugated cardboard boxes are made up of approximately 95% post-consumer waste, making them the perfect choice for minimizing landfill waste and improving retail sales. Plus, customers will appreciate the way these boxes present your products. These boxes will impress potential customers and help you achieve your business goals. If you are considering using these boxes in retail displays, here are some tips:

Grey board with art paper

If you are looking for a cheap, yet professional solution to your packaging needs, you may want to consider purchasing a gray board with art paper custom cardboard display box. This type of cardboard is an environmentally friendly product and is made from 100% recycled materials. In addition, it is lightweight and easy to ship. Its purpose is to promote a business or store and is 100% recyclable. Here are some of the advantages of cardboard displays for your business.

Corrugated and grey boards with art paper are both common materials for custom cardboard display boxes. Both materials make the boxes stronger and more durable. For cosmetic products, gloss lamination is highly recommended as it gives the box added protection and extends the life of the contents. Both of these options provide excellent print results. Listed below are some other advantages of custom cardboard display boxes. For more information, contact a custom box supplier today.

Embossed and debossed effects

Embossed and debossed packaging can make your product stand out and make a good impression. These effects are typically associated with paper documents, but can also add dimension to your packaging. Embossing gives an image of a raised or sunken appearance. The process also creates a more textured look than printing alone. Embossed boxes are often more expensive than plain cardboard display boxes, but are well worth the cost.

Embossed and debossed patterns create a raised look on your custom cardboard display boxes. The embossed effect is achieved using a die placed on the paperboard under high heat. Embossed patterns are perfect for highlighting logos and specific elements of brands. These boxes look elegant and sophisticated. The following steps will help you create an embossed or debossed effect on your custom cardboard boxes.

Multi-tiered display boxes

If you need a multi-tiered display box for displaying merchandise, you have come to the right place. Multi-tiered custom cardboard display boxes have several benefits for your business. Besides attracting attention, these boxes increase brand awareness. Multi-tiered displays are made of durable corrugated cardboard that is 100% recyclable when the promotion is over. In addition, these boxes increase your chances of impulse buying.

Besides being eco-friendly and recyclable, multi-tiered custom cardboard display boxes also save space and help you present a well-organized look at your retail store. Due to the material’s natural properties and low cost, these boxes can be designed to accommodate a wide range of products and are an excellent option if you’re looking for a high-quality, durable display box that won’t break the bank.

Environmentally friendly

Paper boxes are a great choice for packaging because they’re environmentally friendly. Not only do they look great, but they can also help boost brand recognition and make your products more appealing to potential customers. The best part? They’re inexpensive and customizable. If you need something unique, you can have it custom-made. And because they’re eco-friendly, they can be recycled. Whether you need a square box, a rectangular box, or a triangular box, there’s a solution for you.

Another great reason to choose cardboard display boxes for packaging is that they’re eco-friendly. Cardboard is a biodegradable material and is completely recyclable. The great thing about using cardboard is that you can customize your boxes to fit your products in a variety of shapes and sizes. This means you can put more of your products in one box without sacrificing the look. Not to mention, you can make your boxes look great, and you won’t have to worry about them taking up too much space.


Aside from being eco-friendly and recycled, durable cardboard display boxes also come in a variety of styles. These boxes can be printed with different designs and graphics using offset, digital, and 2D/3D printing. Moreover, they are fairly affordable. Here are the advantages of these boxes. All these features make them an excellent choice for showcasing your products. They’re also highly durable and can protect your products from various elements.

Custom packaging boxes are an ideal choice for a variety of products. Cosmetic products need durable and recyclable packaging. Durable cardboard boxes are the best choice. Lightweight cosmetic products may need paperboard or Kraft paper displays. Furthermore, cardboard display boxes are environmentally friendly and inexpensive. These boxes are also ideal for a wide variety of applications. And, they’re a great choice for any business! You’ll never go wrong with these boxes, as they’ll hold your products safe and sound.


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