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We have all heard the phrase, “A poor craftsman quarrels with his tools”. However, even the most expert and seasoned writers need the proper environment and inspiration to keep writing. Typing away on your keyboard is not easy, and the right set of writing tools can make writing more satisfying and productive.

Writing is a dynamic skill that improves with time, and everyone can strive to be a better writer. And with the right set of tools, you can improve your writing drastically.

Whether you are a blogger, a published author or even an academic writer providing dissertation help, here are 5 tools that can certainly help you step up your game.

Let’s dig right in.

Why do you need writing tools as a writer?

Writing is not just about putting your ideas and thoughts on paper. It is about creating something new with your words and your ideas. Writing helps you clear your mind and allows you to organise your thoughts. However, for most writers, writing can seem to be a daunting task. It’s not always easy to present our thoughts meaningfully on paper. With the type of busy lives, we lead these days sitting in front of a keyboard and waiting for inspiration to hit us can seem like a far-fetched thought.

However, there are various writing tools available online that can help even a fresher writer or amateur to start writing anytime they get an idea, thought, or feedback. From checking your grammar and spelling to detecting plagiarism and providing feedback or suggestions, there are different tools available today that can help us pen down our thoughts smoothly. This can allow us to make us fall in love with writing and provide us with a smooth writing experience.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the top writing resources that today’s writers can use.

Top 5 Writing Tools for Writers

These writing tools mentioned below will surely make your writing task easier and provide you with unlimited inspiration. So, have a look at them!

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular writing enhancement tools. And when I say writing enhancement, I mean it allows you to step up your writing game. Even amateur writers can use Grammarly to write great content flawlessly. Grammarly goes beyond the basic spellchecking software available widely online. It helps you to take care of grammar, spelling mistakes, and plagiarism. What’s more, it also has a vocabulary enhancement tool that can help you write superior content.

Grammarly also scans your content to detect more than 250 grammatical mistakes in 6 different types of writing genres. It also provides you with detailed explanations of your errors to better understand how to pen your content next time. You can use Grammarly as an extension for your Microsoft Word Office, app, and even a website.

  1. ai is a relatively new document editing tool that is also cloud-based. If you are looking for an advanced tool that Artificial Intelligence powers, then is for you. The main advantage of is working collaboratively on Bit documents in real-time. If you are working on projects and need suggestions on your content, you can invite your colleagues and friends to your document.

Bit’s editor comes in useful when writers need to research their content. Or they need to include different types of digital assets in their documents. For example, one can add weblinks that turn into beautiful images with previews and with descriptions that you can edit. Other elements like Google Spreadsheets, Twitter tweets and even Youtube Videos can be embedded in your document.

  1. Hemingway

If you want to level up your writing, then you may want to use Hemingway. Hemingway has a powerful document editor that analyses every word you write and provides you with suggestions for improving your sentences. The editing tool outlines complex and lengthy sentences, passive voice, adverbs, and common errors and suggests alternatives.

This is a great app if you are looking for a simple yet reliable and powerful editing tool that can scan your text for minute errors. It helps you improve your readability and your sentence flow to make your content more concise and professional. Named after the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, this app will help you write better. It even has a desktop app that you can download and use for better writing efficiency.

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  1. Draft

Do you fancy a helpful tap on your shoulder to remind you about stuff you need to do? If yes, then Draft is for you. Draft is mainly a writing tool that tracks how many words you write. It can email you about your daily reminders, track your word count, and give you suggestions for your content.

Draft works similar to Google Docs. It helps you track your changes and helps you collaborate with your peers who can suggest changes to your content and even comment for improvements. You have the power to select individual suggestions, incorporate the same or even remove them. It has a plain and simple design that lets first-time users navigate and use Draft easily. You can also use Online Paraphrasing Tool if you want to rephrase your content with best quality.

  1. Yoast

If you are writing content to increase exposure and get traffic onto your website, you may want to incorporate the best SEO practices. And Yoast helps you do that and much more. Making your content SEO optimised can be difficult as Google continuously changes its SEO policy. However, Yoast helps you keep track of it and provides you with a plethora of SEO plugins and functionalities. It has around 3 million users worldwide and offers SEO features that can improve your content and make it friendly for search engines.

It has features for adding focus to your keywords, rich snippets, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, etc. It helps to optimise your content and increases your chances of appearing on the primary search pages of Google. If you are into SEO content writing, then you should think about using Yoast.

Final thoughts

There you have it! The best writing tools can help you improve your writing and vocabulary, keep you motivated, and help you stay focused on the tasks at hand. Also, you get amazing user interfaces to keep the process of writing exciting and fun. So, the next time you think you can improve your writing, do check out these tools.

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