Terms And Uses

Guidelines for Guest Posting at Boingam

1)- Boingam always accepts fresh and unique content. The publisher must ensure that the content is plagiarism-free.

2)- The publisher and writer should not sum it duplicate or copied content. If we find that your post or blog is copied, our team may delete the same without any prior intimation.

3)- Boingam follows a professional approach and a mandatory process to cross verify the content submitted by the blogger or writer. Adding a featured image while sharing the content can be lucrative. The image size should be ideally Width:- 960, Height:- 460.

4)- The word limit for your blogs, posts or new should be between 800 to 1000 words. It is requested to adhere to the word limit and follow writing guidelines strictly.

5)- One must not post more than 18+ content and images on our guest blog site.

6)- Kindly do not publish any promotional articles, blogs or pieces of writing.

7)- Use an attractive and apt title to justify your content. An interactive and engaging title can boost the readership of your content and attract more visitors.

8)- A blogger or writer should incorporate relevant main keywords and subordinate keywords to increase your content ranking. Keywords help to boost your online presence.

9)- Every content received by us undergoes a thorough quality check by a team of professional proofreaders and content analysts. If your article, guest blog or post is found against the guidelines then, Boingam reserves all the rights to modify or delete the post.

10)- It is advised to cross-check the quality of the content using any plagiarism checker website

11)- Before going to share the content, please check your content quality at any plagiarism checker website.

12)- Kindly don’t submit the article or a guest post that is already published elsewhere online.

Content rights & responsibilities

By posting your content on Boingam, you give us a nonexclusive right to publish the same on our official website. In consideration of the publishing of your content or guest blogs, you grant access to and use of the services. You agree that Boingam may enable the advertising on the services as and when need. Boingam also reserves the right to position the advertisement with the display of the content as per our set process. We can also use your content or a post for promotion and marketing purposes. Note: Boingam never sells its content to any third parties without the permission of the writer.

Note: We can remove any content you post for any reason without any communication. Moreover, you are also free to delete your post or content or your account at your convenience. The process of deactivation and deletion may take a little while. However, the backup copies of your content, article or guest posts will be available on our servers for upto 14 days after your deletion request.

for any questions or queries on the terms of use or services at Boingam, you can connect with us at queries@boingam.com