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Preparing for entrance exams demands smart work as well as hard work. It would help if you were very mindful of your strategies as you compete with thousands of students at once. You must make persistent efforts and make the best use of available resources. One of the most helpful study resources is the Mock Test. Similarly, while preparing for CLAT, you should practise CLAT Mock test. To ace CLAT, it requires a lot of practice. A good CLAT mock test can give you just the right kind of practice. Therefore, never miss them.

Why are CLAT Mock Tests important?

To know what the real CLAT looks like, CLAT mock tests and CLAT sample papers are designed. They provide a lot of insights into the actual CLAT exam. There are other benefits of CLAT mock tests. It includes:

  1. The CLAT mock tests are based on the actual CLAT exam pattern. Therefore they give you practice for the real exam. You get familiar with the exam.
  2. The CLAT exam is a time-bound test. Hence, time management becomes an essential aspect of the candidate’s performance. While practising the CLAT mock test, time yourself. It will help you determine whether your time management skills are fruitful or not. Therefore you develop and refine your time management abilities. 
  3. You get exposed to a variety of questions while practising CLAT mock tests. Therefore with practice, you get familiar with most of the questions that could be asked in the exam. It increases your accuracy and speed.
  4. While practising, you might come across novel questions. With your problem-solving abilities, you will discover novel and unique ways of dealing with the questions. Therefore your problem-solving skills improve, and you have devised ways of approaching the questions in the exam.
  5. Once you complete your CLAT mock test, you should mark your test. Your CLAT mock test score will help you judge your performance. 
  6. Over time you can analyse your progress through regular CLAT mock analysis. It will help identify your shortcomings and areas of mastery. It further helps modify study plans. Necessary modification in the study plans helps get better. 

Where to get the CLAT Mock Test?

While looking for a CLAT mock test, you must check the source. Since CLAT mock tests are a vital study resource, you can’t go wrong with them. 

So, it would help if you kept in mind whether the mock tests procured are reliable or not. The candidates can procure CLAT mock test with the latest syllabus from the CLAT 2023 official website. The Consortium will post 3 sets of CLAT mock tests. The administrator of the CLAT test, the Consortium, has become the most reliable source for getting CLAT mock tests. The Consortium has released a schedule for the release of the CLAT Mock Test.

Benefits of Solving Mock Tests
  • Mock tests are simulated exams that may be taken at home or at a coaching centre to prepare for the real thing. The more exams you take, the more comfortable you will be on test day.
  • They are provided with a report detailing their performance in each area of the CLAT mock test. To better understand their performance level, students can use this report as a guide to analyzing their own. There is no way to tell whether they have aced the test.
  • It is well-known that incorrect answers will be penalized. The importance of precision becomes apparent. By practising with mock examinations, you can enhance your exam accuracy.
  • After preparing for the CLAT exam, students can take a test to see how well they’ve prepared for the actual exam. Since mock exams give people confidence in their ability to pass the examination, they’ll be motivated to improve and score higher every time they take them.
  • Students who practise mock examinations will be able to identify their weaker regions and improve them compared to their strong ones.
Application Open 8 August 2022
Release of First Sample Question Set September 2022
First Open Campus Visit day for Registered Candidates September 2022
Release of Second Sample Question Set 14 October 2022
Second Open Campus Visit Day for registered Candidates 22 October 2022
Last Date for Receiving Applications 13 November 2022 (11:59 PM)
Release of Third Sample Question Set October 2022
CLAT 2023 Exam Date 18 December 2022


Besides the Consortium’s website, you can also get a CLAT mock test from HitBullsEye’s official website. Their team of experts and academicians developed the CLAT mock tests offered by them. The mock tests are based on the latest CLAT exam pattern and are great for practice. 

  • You can enrol for the CLAT/Law ’23 test series. You will get access to more than 110 CLAT Mock Tests. 
  • HitBullsEye also offers an ebook that is a compilation of CLAT sample papers. The ebook is available for free download on their official website.

The resources available on HitBullsEye’s official website are excellent and effective, so don’t think twice before referring to them.

CLAT Exam Syllabus and CLAT Exam Pattern

Since it is advised to practise with CLAT mock tests based on the latest CLAT syllabus and CLAT exam pattern, to judge whether the mock test follows the newest exam structure or not, you should know the same. 

Important Details about CLAT exam pattern

Name of the Examination Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)
Exam Date 18 December 2022
Conducting body The Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs)
Frequency Once a Year 
Exam Level National Level
Exam timings 2 PM – 4PM (Might be subjected to changes if needed)
Duration 120 Minutes i.e. 2 Hours
Mode Pen and Paper 
Medium English
Total no. of questions CLAT UG- 150 Questions

CLAT PG- 120 Questions

Maximum Marks CLAT UG- 150 Marks

CLAT PG- 120 Marks

Question Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Participating Institutions 22 NLUs except NLU, Delhi and other private institutions.
Total Sections 5 Sections (English Language, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Current Affairs including General Knowledge and Quantitative Techniques.)
Negative Marking Yes, Deduction of 0.25 for every wrong answer.


Overview CLAT Exam Syllabus

Section I (English)

This section’s passages focus on the candidate’s comprehension skills. The passages in this section discuss historical events, recent news, fictional themes, and non-fictional subjects.

Section-II (Current Affairs)

Static GK, politics, sports, famous personalities, prizes and awards, world affairs etc., are some of the important topics of this section.

Section-III (Legal Reasoning)

This section assesses the aspirants’ legal aptitude. This section includes passages mentioning law-related current or static news. Study of law, Legal GK, current affairs, International treaties, Court Decisions/Judgements etc., are some of the important topics of this section.

Section-IV (Logical Reasoning)

Some of the important topics of this section are syllogism, directions, puzzles, cause & effect, clocks & calendars and logical sequencing.

Section-V (Quantitative Techniques)

In this, most questions are related to bar graphs, charts, and other graphical representations. Apart from this, algebra, profit loss, measurement, speed & distance, work & time, and other elementary mathematics topics are essential. 

Keep all these necessary CLAT exam details in mind while looking for CLAT Mock Test. Regularly practice CLAT Mock Tests, and you will feel the difference in your performance. Keep going, and all the very best to you!


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