Sudha Murthy is a Social Entrepreneur and Chairman of the Infosys Foundation


About Sudha Murthy The Chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and Social Entrepreneur

Sudha Murthy, a social-entrepreneur and an excellent Indian author. She is a Kannada as well as an English author and also an Indian engineering instructor.

Her professional journey began in the fields of computer science and engineering. Sudha Murthy is chairman of the Infosys Foundation and a member of the initiatives in public health care that are part of the Gates Foundation.

She founded several orphanages, operated in rural areas, and has backed the effort to equip all Karnataka public schools with computers and libraries.

Murthy was the founder of “The Murthy Classical Library of India The Murthy Classical Library of India’ was established at Harvard University. She was the first to take a bold initiative to establish a library and computer facilities to all schools in Karnataka.

She was awarded the award in 1995. received the “Best teacher award” from the Rotary Club of Bengaluru. Her fame is mainly due to her work in the social sector and contributions to the literature of Kannada as well as English.

She wrote a Kannada novel named Dollar Sose and later it was translated into English in the form of Dollar Bahu. In 2001, the novel was made into a television drama series produced by Zee TV. She was in the Karamveer episode Kaun Season 11 of Banega Crorpati.

Education and early life:

Sudha Murthy, born the 19th of August 1950 to the Deshastha Madhwa Brahmin family from Shiggaon, Haveri in Karnataka, India.

Her father was an orthopedic doctor the Dr. R. H. Kulkarni and her mother was Vimala Kulkarni. Her maternal grandparents and parents took care of her.

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Her first significant work in her early years was “How I Teach My Grandmother How to Read’. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree studies in Engineering at the level of Electronics Engineering from B.V.B. the college of Engineering & Technology.

She was the first student in her class, and received a Gold Medal from the Chief Minister of Karnataka. She earned her Masters in Engineering in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science.

In the end, she was as the first student in class, and was awarded the Gold Medal from the Indian Institute of Engineers.

The career of Sudha Murthy:

TATA Engineering and Locomotive Co. (TELCO) employed her, as the very first woman engineer employed by TELCO.

She joined the company with the title of Development Engineer in Pune and then worked as a Development Engineer in Mumbai in Mumbai and Jamshedpur. Then she was hired by Walchand Group of Industries at Pune as a Senior Systems Analyst.

In 1997, the founder founded Infosys Foundation and until now she serves as the Trustee of the Infosys Foundation and visiting faculty at the PG Centre of Bangalore University.

The professor was in the department of education at Christ University also. She has published and written numerous books. Of them, two are novels, six travelogues as well as three educational books. two tech books.

Infosys has established two institutions of higher learning which house both the Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) department, H.R. Kadim Diwan Building at IIT Kanpur and Narayan Rao Melgiri Memorial National Law Library at NLSIU.

Personal life:

Sudha got married to N. R. Narayana Murthy during her time working for TELCO. They have two kids Akshata as well as Rohan.

Akshata was married to Rishi Sunk who was the British Indian classmate. She is the Finance Minister for the UK. Sudha is a huge fan of watching films.

An interview she did with Filmfare she stated she “I own 500 dvds that I play in my home theater. I view a film as a whole – editing and the direction… every aspect. I am known as an author and an entrepreneur with a social mission however, nobody knows me as a film buff.

So, I’m happy to be able to share an interview on Filmfare”. J. R. D. Tata suggested that she quit her job and help Narayana Murthy.

Social Activity: Infosys Foundation

Murthy’s Infosys Foundation is a public charitable trust that was founded in. Murthy has been among the trust’s trustees of the trust.

She has constructed 2,300 homes in areas affected by flooding through the Foundation. Her social work focuses on health and hygiene for the public and education, empowerment of women arts and culture, as well as poverty reduction at the grass-roots and local level.

She has constructed around 70,000 libraries at schools to date. She has been aiding rural communities through the construction of 16000 toilets, and numerous bathrooms in Bengaluru city as well.

Sudha Murthy has dealt with natural disasters, such as the tsunami that hit Tamil Nadu and Andaman, the earthquake in Gujarat as well as flooding throughout Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, etc.

She has built about 70,000 libraries at schools to date. She has been helping the rural communities by building 16000 toilets, and numerous bathrooms in Bengaluru city as well.

Sudha Murthy has managed natural disasters such as the tsunamis in Tamil Nadu and Andaman, earthquakes in Gujarat and flooding within Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, etc.


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