South Africa Cape Town Itinerary

Oh Cape Town, When I first arrived at the field around night in Cape Town, I passed advising signs “ Don’t stop on the trace. Danger zone! ” As you can imagine, this wasn’t the most reassuring experience to have on our first trip to Cape Town. I mean, we were formerly driving on the left side of the road, how much further peril could there be?!
With that a resort s my first experience in the megacity, I wasn’t sure what to anticipate from Cape Town. On the one hand, so numerous people rave about Cape Town and how beautiful the girding nature is, how excellent the food tastes, and how friendly the people are. On the other hand, Cape Town is also a place where socio- profitable inequality is maybe the most visible of any country I’ve ever been to.Cape Town is amazing. And also complicated. Five days is just enough to scratch the face and realize how much further there’s to this place.In this Cape Town Itinerary, you’re going to see it all stunning geographies, unique wildlife, rich multicultral heritage, fantastic and varied food, as well as its complex history and the ramifications that it has moment.Read on for an in- depth companion of how to spend 5 days in Cape Town including must- do day passages from Cape Town, where to eat, tenures and conditioning to try, and stupendous photography locales each around the Cape region. I ’ll also give you tips for choosing a township stint, to help balance your experience in the megacity.


 Camp’s Bay in Cape TownCape Town, South Africa

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 Day 1 V&A Shorefront, Bo- Kaap, Camp’s Bay

Our first day in Cape Town is about getting familiar with the megacity and seeing some of the highlights – exactly what you came to Cape Town for! If you decided to stay in the same hostel as I did, you can walk to the V&A shorefront for your first day along the ocean. latterly we ’re going to visit one of the most mugged neighborhoods in Cape Town, Bo- Kaap. We ’ll wrap up the autumn at the megacity’s best known stretch of beach, Camp’s Bay.


V&A Shorefront, Cape TownV & A Waterfront with Table Mountain in the distance

 V&A Waterfront

Short for the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, the V&A Waterfront is South Africa’s oldest harbor, and attracts further than 23 million callers every time. From the harbor you ’ll get your first look at Cape Town’s most notorious corner, Table Mountain. You can go shopping, take a boat voyage, stop in a gallery, or just snare a drink or lunch on the shorefront.

Then are some of the stylish effects to do at the V&A Waterfront to really take advantage of littoral Cape Town

Two abysses Aquarium – “ Two abysses ” refers to the fact that the Cape area is where the Atlantic and Indian abysses meet. Fences are a great place to go with kiddies, and you can indeed get skip- the- line tickets and avoid staying in line during the high season.

Sunset Champagne Cruise & three- course regale – Believe me when I tell you that evenings in South Africa are out of this world, and there’s no better place to witness this than by boat. This voyage lasts 90 twinkles and includes 2 spectacles of original foamy wine, followed by an onshore regale at a eatery of your choice.

Marine Wildlife Boat Tour – Another boat stint that departs from the V&A Waterfront, but with the thing of seeing jumbos, dolphins, seals, and penguins! This type of stint is frequently called an “ Ocean Safari ”. Your stylish chance at seeing jumbos is generally in the Winter months( May to November), but there are jumbos that live near Cape Town time round.

Visit Robben Island – This is where Nelson Mandela was locked during Intolerance. You can visit the cell that he was jugged in before he went on to come the first Black chairman of South Africa. To save plutocrat, avoid reserving a guided stint that drives you to the wharf and just hitch an Uber rather.

V&A Shorefront, Cape TownV & A Waterfront, Cape Town

 Bo- Kaap

Bo- Kaap is historically a Malay neighborhood, and the origin story of the various houses is one of oppression and also emancipation. Before the people living in this quarter were empancipated, they weren’t allowed to paint their houses. Every house had to be painted white. Once they were freed, the residers painted their houses in all kinds of colors to express this freedom. Besides people’s homes, you ’ll find various corner stores and kirks

When it comes to seeing the most scenic thoroughfares, you ’ll want to visit Wale Street and Chiappini Street. You ’ll know you ’re getting close when you start to see further excursionists with cameras ? That said, no matter where you’re in Cape Town it’s not judicious to walk with a big camera so do be sure to put it down whenever you ’re not using it.


 Cape TownBo- Kaap, Cape Town

 Camp’s Bay

Eventually, you ’ll want to head over to Camp’s Bay. The easiest way to get around city is by Uber, and you can snare a sim card at multitudinous locales around Cape Town( just be sure to bring your passport!). Camp’s Bay is maybe the best known sand in the megacity, and for a good reason It’s like a stunning natural outlook in the middle of the megacity.

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 Camp’s Bay, Cape TownLion’s Head at Camp’s Bay

You can either go for regale around Camp’s Bay( known for being a bit precious), or head to one of my other recommended places to eat in Cape Town! Going to bed beforehand is a good idea because we ’re going to start beforehand in the morning as we head out to the Cape Peninsula.


 Day 2 Cape Peninsula

The Cape Peninsula is fluently the number one must- do day trip from Cape Town. The main reason is that it’s just so infernal scenic you ’ll drive on Chapman’s Peak Drive, perhap’s the country’s most scenic trace. That ’ll bring you to Boulder’s Beach where you can get up near and particular with the largest penguin colony in Africa. And eventually, you can explore Cape Point National Park, where you ’ll see the most south- westerly point in Africa and exactly where Vasco da Gamma rounded the Cape and came the first European to reach India by ocean.

Then are some further details for how to get the most out of your day trip around the Cape Peninsula, how to reach each position, costs, and operating hours!

 Boulder’s Beach

Penguins in Africa?! You heard me right, in fact the penguins at Boulder’s Beach look like complete naturals probing in the swells and sunbathing in South Africa’s scorching hot sun. Boulders Beach is the largest penguin colony in all of Africa, and one of only three in South Africa( including one in Hermanus and one in Betty’s Bay).

The important tip I can give you about There are two entrances one larger side of the sand where you ’ll see the massive colony of penguins lurching around. This is what it looks like from that side of the sand

There are a lot of penguins – and also a lot of excursionists! While it was n’t too overcrowded at the morning of December, the other side of the sand is much more relaxed and is your stylish chance to get up near and particular( but NOT touching!!) the penguins. There are plenitude of signs that will remind you that penguins are wild creatures, and as similar they suck

 Cape Point National Park

Cape Point National Park is nearly you could really spend the better part of the day. It’s home to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, along with legions of babboons ? My main tip then’s to make sure you bring cash, because occasionally SANParks do n’t accept foreign cards! Depending on the length of your trip, you should also check whether the Wild Card is a good deal for the number of public premises you want to visit!

When you arrive at Cape Point, you ’ll have the option of either taking the funicular to the top where the “ New Lighthouse ” is position, or you can take the stairs for about 15 twinkles. We decided for the stairs and saved a many bucks. From then, you can look in every direction and enjoy the inconceivable views.

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