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If you want to furnish your home with a comfortable sofa, you should go for a high-quality one. A high-quality sofa will be well-priced. Buying it online saves you the trouble of visiting stores and also enables you to avail various discounts and offers. You can also enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery and online transaction. You can also choose to buy a corner sofa set if you have a small living room or are moving into a new flat.

Grey is the most popular sofa color in India

When designing a home or office, many people will purchase a new couch to match the theme of their interiors. Along with design, color choice is a critical component. However, the popularity of grey isn’t solely a result of comfort. The versatility of grey is apparent in the variety of sofas available in different materials, models, and shades. Whether your preferences are contemporary or classic, grey will enhance your space while complementing any style and color scheme.

Charcoal: This shade of grey is unique and often confused with graphite. It is an excellent neutral background for various designs or can stand alone as a strong accent in the interiors. Gray and charcoal will be the most popular colors of 2021, so choose the right shade for your home. For more information, read on! Grey is the most popular sofa color in India. But, you can choose from a variety of other shades based on your preference.

Fabric sofas are easy to maintain

Most fabric sofas have removable covers that make cleaning easy and convenient. Most can be machine-washed, but be sure to read the care labels. If you’d prefer to hand-wash it, you can follow the steps outlined above and allow it to dry naturally. Also, be sure to allow your sofa’s covers to air-dry before adding them back to the sofa. These tips should help you keep your fabric sofa looking new.

In addition to being easily cleaned and maintaining, fabric sofas don’t stain as easily as leather. Most fabrics are treated to prevent stains, and you can use a handheld steam cleaner to get rid of pet hair. Fabric doesn’t show signs of wear as easily as leather, and it can take the claws of a dog or a child’s homework binder without damage. Additionally, fabric sofas are easy to match existing decor and are easier to clean than leather or suede. Fabric sofas also allow you to express your personal style and personality with vibrant upholstery fabrics, which are often difficult to change with the rest of the room’s colour scheme.

If you choose fabric for your sofa online, make sure to choose a fabric that will resist wear and tear. Fabric is softer than leather, so it’s important to choose a fabric that’s soft enough to sit on, yet firm enough to hold its shape. The grade of fabric will also impact how easily your sofa will wear out. The higher the grade, the better the fabric will hold up. So, make sure to take care of your fabric sofa and keep it looking new for years to come.

Corner sofa sets are a good option for smaller living rooms

If you have a small living room and would like to decorate it with modern furniture, you can go for corner sofa sets. They are ideal for smaller living rooms because of their space-saving design. They are also easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned. If you are planning to buy a corner sofa set, you can choose the best design by measuring the living room and the sofa. Before purchasing a corner sofa, make sure to check out the fabric and the size of your living room.

Corner sofa sets come in a wide range of materials and prices. While wooden corner sofas match well with wooden living room furniture, fabric corner sofas are comfortable and stylish. They are also available in various colour patterns. These sofas are perfect for smaller living rooms in India. They are made of the best quality materials like teak wood, which is known for its durability. Buying a wooden corner sofa set will add a rustic feel to the room.

You can purchase corner sofas from Craftatoz online. You can use filters to narrow down your options based on price, brand, and discount. This way, you can find the best sofas within your budget and style. Craftatoz also has many discount filters, making it easy to find the right corner sofa for your home. A corner sofa can be a beautiful addition to your living room.

Smaller living rooms in India are the perfect size for corner sofas. They give you more space for walking and provide you with a small reading corner. When you’re choosing corner sofas for your home, make sure to consider the number of people you have. It is always best to plan for a minimum of three people in your home, and you can start looking for the perfect corner sofa for your home.

Craftatoz Furniture is the best sofa brand in India

If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable sofa, Ashley Furniture might be the brand for you. The company offers a wide variety of styles and price ranges, as well as a full home decor selection. Founded in 1895, Ashley has been selling furniture and accessories for over 100 years. Its reputation is second to none. However, not all Ashley stores carry every style available. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Ashley sofas.

You can find Craftatoz Furniture products in most major cities in India. These include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, and more. The company also offers influencer programs, where you can earn money by sharing product images. If you’re an influencer, you can become an Ashley Furniture influencer to promote their products and earn commissions. Ashley Furniture is one of the most trusted and widely available brands in India, so you won’t have to spend hours searching for them.

Another advantage of Ashley Furniture is its durability. A typical sofa from the brand can last from 12 to 15 years, which means you’ll have your new sofa for at least a decade. And because it doesn’t produce the latest trends in home decor, Ashley Furniture offers a 5-year warranty for the springs and upholstery. It is a solid option for customers who don’t want to risk their money on flimsy, trendy sofas.

Ending Words

Another benefit of Craftatoz furniture is its wide range of prices. Prices start at around Rs. 41,000 for a two-seater sofa. Ashley furniture prices are comparatively cheaper than those of other brands in India. Ashley furniture also ships worldwide and is the largest Craftatoz manufacturer in North India. Its manufacturing facilities are in Wisconsin, California, Pennsylvania, and Vietnam. You can also order custom made furniture through their online store.

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