Six DIY ideas to make your walls look attractive

DIY ideas
DIY ideas

Six DIY ideas to make your walls look attractive

It can get too monotonous to live in a house that has only plain white walls. On the other hand, getting your walls painted can cost a little. The only solution to fix this problem is to use DIY ideas to spruce up your walls at almost negligible cost. Indulging in DIYs might just make you fall in love with your walls as it is the result of your creations. Don’t worry the ideas stated below would not require immense artistic skills. The following ideas are super simple and can be re-created with minimum effort. All you need to create these designs are some basic tools and cool wall paints.


One of the most famous DIY techniques to beautify your wall is stenciling. Before you start stenciling, don’t forget to implement waterproofing solutions so that your newly painted wall lasts longer. To start with stenciling your wall, choose a stencil design and apply it to the wall where you want the design to be imprinted using masking tape and gently apply paint with the help of a roller. For better execution, you can watch a YouTube video or go through an expert guide to easily create stencil designs on walls.

water proofing
water proofing

Polka dots- 

Best for your children’s room, creating polka dots is an easy technique to make a wall look lively. A super easy way to make these cute polka dots is to cut a sponge in a circular shape, dip it gently in the paint and start pressing it on the wall. Make sure the extra paint doesn’t squeeze out the form beneath. Also, keep in mind to use a different sponge for different colors. For long-lasting results make sure to prep your walls before applying paints. You can use Asian paint waterproofing for that purpose as it gives the best results.

Zebra stripes

-One of the best designs for small rooms, a good two-color combination of stripes makes a room look taller. To create stripes, you need basic tools like a paintbrush, masking tape, roller, and paint colors. Divide the width of the wall into equal vertical stripes. You will need a measuring tape and pencil to mark the appropriate measurements. For precise finishing, you need to apply masking tape. After all the preparations, start painting the stripes and overlapping the masking tape. Once the paint dries, take off the tape to get clean straight stripes. A twist on the typical gallery wall? A gallery wall of antique hand mirrors. Clustered together, these simple, eclectic mirrors function as art (and reflect light beautifully). This one is comprised of hand mirrors and configured in the shape of a hand mirror. These are functional and adorable. No more convincing needed.

Geometric shapes and patterns- 

Creating a geometric pattern is a great DIY to jazz up your room. You can also create a random pattern using various shapes. Use the masking tape to create diagonal lines according to the measurements of your wall and start applying your favorite colors over it. Once the painting is over, remove the masking tape to get an incredible and creative pattern to elevate the look of your room. Even a skateboard can be wall decor when styled well! Here, Leanne Ford simply propped it on a ledge and leaned it against the wall. Instruments and surfboards are other great examples of found objects doubling as decor.


Hiring a professional for a textured wall can be quite expensive at times but an easy DIY technique can make your wallet and walls happy. The result of this technique will give you a look that is almost just like an expensive textured wall. Such a wall painting technique is best to hide all the imperfections on the wall. Take a sponge and start camouflaging the paint over the wall. It is an easy way to instantly make your wall look stunning. In a cozy, cabin-like home, use branches and leaves to create a series of makeshift garlands. To add a little more contemporary style and polish, Leanne Ford also color-blocked the walls, panting the lower half a deep marine tone.

Create a brick wall

A brick wall is the best choice for an aesthetically appealing room. Cut a sponge into the shape of a brick and press it gently on a wall that has neutral paint on it. Preferably, you should go for a shade of brown to create the bricks. Make sure that you space your bricks well to get a clean and proportionate look. Place an accent chair in front of this wall to get a look straight out of Pinterest! or You may not be able to get that chair upholstered in your favorite print, but you can spotlight a fabric swatch. Hang some linens or fabric swatches. It’s perfect in a laid back, easy breezy environment and you can take them down whenever you tire of them.


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