Shopping Cart Design Tips You Should Stick By

Shopping Cart Design Tips You Should Stick By

Online shopping has become the ultimate choice of the busy people of the present era. It helps them quickly complete their errands and get the best products too. However, people do not buy any and everything randomly. They view the products more critically before ordering them. This is why designing a satisfactory shopping cart design is too important.

Most online retailers only pay attention to product pages to motivate users to add them to the cart. However, taking the cart to checkout and proceeding with it is the trickiest part and has a high abandonment rate too. If the design of the cart does not impress or offer ease to users, they will not proceed further. So, you should make it more attractive and simple too.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to learn about shopping cart design tips you should stick by to secure more sales.

Top 7 Shopping Cart Design Tips to Boost Conversion

Shopping cart design significantly impacts the buying decision and choices of online users. If the cart design lacks attractiveness and smooth flow, there are higher chances of cart abandonment. If you do not want to reach this point, you must pay attention to shopping cart design.

Here are the major shopping cart design tips you can follow to boost conversion rates and limit car abandonment.

1. Include Clear CTAs

The first and foremost shopping cart design tip you need to follow is to include clear CTAs. On the product pages, you should add the phrase ‘add to cart” instead of ‘buy’ which seems less clear. Clicking on add to cart will help them see it on the side and press ‘checkout’ when they are done shopping. ‘Buy’ sounds like the process will be done in one step, which can confuse them. Many online retailers consult ecommerce solutions providers and let experts fix such issues.

2. Share Detailed Product Summary

Sharing a detailed product summary is an important tip to follow for shopping cart design. You can include details like the size, color, and composition of the products. According to the type of the product, you can also mention the manufacturing and expiry date to help people choose only the best products. Products summary will help the users to skip the items not suitable for them from the cart instead of regretting their purchase later.

3. Show Thumbnail Images

At times, the name of products is too similar, and it is difficult to distinguish between them without images. This is showing thumbnail images of products is an important tip to follow for shopping cart design. When the users can see the small image of products present in the cart, it will help them verify it smoothly. There will be fewer concerns about getting a different product than ordered or ordering the wrong product by mistake. So, include a clear thumbnail image.

4. Show Number of Items

One of the most crucial tips you should follow for shopping cart design is showing the number of items. If the user has added multiple numbers of the same products, it is necessary to show the number. Moreover, you should also give an option of increasing or decreasing the quantity from the cart, along with the number. It will help users fix the number if they have added by mistake, instead of canceling everything and adding items to the cart from point one.

5. Display Suggested Products

Another shopping cart design tip you can follow to boost conversion is to display the suggested products. Once the user has added a product to the cart, you can display suggestions. Instead of sharing similar items in the suggested section and confusing users, it is better to suggest complementary products. For instance, if someone has added a dress to the cart, you can suggest accessories that go with it to tempt and assist the users simultaneously.

6. Offer Cart Editing Options

Offering cart editing options is the most important shopping cart design tip which can limit cart abandonment rate. Users sometimes forget to add more quantities of the same product or do so by mistake. To correct their mistake, they often have to go to the product page and reorder after removing everything from the cart. It is just an added hassle that makes users quit your site and move to that of your competitor. So, make sure to include cart editing options to please the users.

7. Ensure Simpler Checkout

The last shopping cart design tip to boost conversions is ensuring a simpler checkout process. It should only ask for name, address, and payment mode to keep it short and simple. Asking for other details like age, gender, separate home, work address, or secondary contact details can make it long and complicated. The target audience might get annoyed and abandon the cart. You can contact ecommerce website development solutions Dubai and let experts design the most captivating shopping cart.

Do you need expert help with shopping cart design?

There is no harm in consulting the experts if you are struggling to achieve your goals. Contact professional service providers to redesign your shopping cart and other aspects and ensure high conversion rates.

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