Seven Abilities To Consider Before Hiring An Android Application Developer


Android still holds over 80 percent of the worldwide mobile application market share. Over 80 percent of smartphone users throughout the globe choose Android cell phones and devices over other operating systems such as iOS and Windows. More than 3 million programs that serve consumers in various ways are now available on the Google Play Store. However, given the large number of apps currently available on the Android App Store, Android developers must create highly competitive applications to remain competitive. An Android application developer must have all the necessary talents and abilities to produce a profitable and high-performing application every time, regardless of the specific business requirements.

Today, developing highly engaging and user-centric Android apps requires a comprehensive grasp of several programming languages, technologies, and tools. In reality, it is vital to build the application with the fragmentation of the Android market and the variety of Android screen sizes and types in mind to provide a consistent and fluid consumer experience across all smartphones and screens.

And because of this, it is vital to hire an Android app developer with all the required talents and competencies.

Here are the abilities you must look for in an Android App Development Company or Developers before hiring one for your next project.

Unparalleled expertise and comprehension of Java and Kotlin:

Java and Kotlin are the two required programming languages for developing Android applications. And your developer must be comfortable utilizing both based on your project needs. The developer must be able to use the most recent versions of Java and Kotlin and understand their respective syntaxes.

Understanding of XML:

XML was established as the standard method for Android application data encoding. It is a structured markup language with many similarities to HTML, such as angle brackets, tag kinds, and deep element nesting. A comprehensive grasp and expertise of XML may aid developers in building app layouts and maintaining high-quality code. Consequently, finding a developer with experience building app layouts using XML is necessary.

Practical experience in using Android SDK:

Android Software development kit (SDK) is a comprehensive set of tools that developers must be familiar with. This toolkit contains tools for planning, developing, testing, debugging, and deploying an application. Additionally, the Android SDK includes frameworks such as Gradle that facilitate the creation of applications. And the developer you choose for your project must be able to utilize and integrate this complete toolkit for improved, efficient, error-free, and expedited application development.

Familiarity with Android Studio:

Android Studio is a must-have tool for Android application developers. A packed Integrated Development Environment (IDE) offers features such as automatic coding, auto-complete recommendations, easy code debugging, and more, enabling developers to write code and build high-performing applications quickly. Today, if you hire a developer who is an expert in utilizing Android Studio is essential.

Knowledge of APIs:

As an Android application developer, you may be interested in calendar access and other user-driven features. However, seek professionals affiliated with top Android application development firms that provide APIs and can instruct you on how to utilize APIs and queries safely. Knowing how to use the APIs makes it easier for developers to link Android apps to the APIs. Choosing a developer with this specific skill can facilitate the implementation and expansion of features to your apps, such as easy local place searches, user location monitoring, reference maps, and more.

Expertise in managing databases:

If your application contains vast amounts of data, handling the data and the databases used for data maintenance may be more challenging. Cloud services such as Parse and Firebase provide straightforward APIs for stockpiling all such information in the cloud, making them readily accessible on all Android devices. Developers must also understand how to synchronize data between the remote database and local storage to enable the offline availability of the program, which allows users to use the app to some degree, even if there is no internet connection. This is an excellent method for increasing consumer interaction. Before selecting a developer for your Mobile application, you should thus seek this competence.

Knowledge of material design:

Material Design is a collection of current interface design principles and guidelines released by Android in recent years. And these standards contain information on how to layer the various design components on the app’s screen and then apply styles like drop shadows, etc. And app developers are now required to examine and adhere to these rules when creating Android application interfaces.

Developers may perform the entire application development process swiftly and perfectly if they have a thorough understanding of these Android app development abilities, assuring a bug-free, well-designed, customized, secure, and ROI-driven application. Today, staying ahead of your competition on the Google App Store is not simple, making it imperative to have your project built by an Android application development specialist with the abovementioned talents.


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