Satish Singh, and Maya Varma, Founders at Joker , a jewellery and watch brand


Satish Singh is the founder and CEO of Joker and Witch, an new jewellery and watch company based within Bangalore, Karnataka.

He holds completed an MBA in marketing at  MICA Ahmdabad  . He has worked previously with large IT companies such as Capgemini and HCL but due to his love of fashion and retail , he decided to go after it by joining India’s very first fashion online store

He has worked cross-functionally in several high-growth e-commerce and retail companies like Ibibo, Styletag and the occasion wear label Koskii.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry and expertise, he assists new entrepreneurs with the process of developing and growing their online businesses.

Maya Varma is the co-founder and Creative Director of Joker and Witch. She completed her Bachelors in fashion and lifestyle Accessory Design at NIFT, New Delhi and began her career in the field of accessory design for one of India’s most renowned designer Rajesh Pratap Singh.

Then she was employed by Hidesign In Pondicherry as a designer for products which gave her the chance to change her career from designing to retail.

She relocated to Bangalore to work at the fashion-focused e-commerce business Styletag and it was there that she first met her husband, and her friend Satish Singh. They launched Joker and Witch in January 2015.

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Satish was always a fan about watches. After years of working for various businesses He decided to start something on his own. He knew it had to be centered around Watches.

His studies made him realize the opportunities and gaps within this Indian Watch Industry. Maya has an experience with accessory designs, and is working with watches jewelry and accessories, naturally came to her.

Their love of Watches and Jewellery was the motivation behind the brand Joker and Witch.

Satish as well as Maya were focused on aspirations of generation millennials along with Gen Z which are very knowledgeable about Global Trends and are very aware of fashion trends.

This is how they developed their exquisitely designed and affordable watches, as well as fashionable, distinctive jewellery that has international appeal.

Joker and Witch became the first brand in the nation to introduce designed Watches as well as Bracelet Stacks, for which they are today known as.

They’re planning to broaden the size of their product and venture into new categories in the near future. The company also hopes to be omnichannel by launching stores and kiosks that make shopping more enjoyable.

They were among the first companies to have introduced the idea of Watch & bracelet stacking in the Indian market.

Joker and Witch – a new-age jewellery and watch brand

Joker and Witch became the first brand in the nation to introduce carefully curated Watches as well as Bracelet Stacks, for which they are today known as.

They plan to increase the size of their product and venture into new categories very soon. The company also hopes to become omnichannel through the opening of kiosks and stores that make shopping more enjoyable.

Through the years they’ve transformed and perfected the art of Gifting’ with their distinctive Watch and Jewellery Love Triangles, Love Stacks , Gift Sets & Couple Watches designed and carefully put together by their in-house stylists. They love adding a dash of fun and a twist to make your memorable occasions extra special!

Their first line Joker and Witch Joker and Witch is an exciting new-age watches and jewellery line for Millenials and Gen-Z and Gen-Z, they have another brand Teejh that is focused in working closely together with Indian Craftsmen and developing Indian inspired jewelry and sarees that modern Indian women can identify with.

In the coming year’s financial year, they plan to raise funds , be able to reach a wider audience and expand the company at a more rapid rate.


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