Reimbursement of health insurance What advantages does it have?


When hiring health insurance we are faced with a very wide range of products and possibilities. The choice is often not easy, since it is not about choosing between good and bad options, since they all have their pros and cons. One of the options is between choosing between a closed medical directory or freely choosing the doctor and obtaining full or partial reimbursement of expenses. This option is the minority, a priori because it is more expensive. But it also has several advantages that make it a recommended choice beyond price.

The advantages of reimbursement insurance

The first thing we have to analyze is whether the coverage of the closed medical list covers all your needs. The possibilities of medical insurance with a closed medical list have improved enormously in recent years with more specialists and total geographical coverage. However, there are still far more possibilities for doctors and specialists in large cities than in small or rural areas. In these cases, reimbursement for Eye med insurance gains more weight.

This fact is closely related to another reason. The freedom of choice. With reimbursement insurance we have complete freedom to choose the doctor with more confidence, we do not have to give up one if we change the insurance and it is not on the insurer’s medical list.

With this, even if for work or other reasons we change a lot of place of residence, this freedom will be very practical.

In addition, as is the case with the insurance, which returns 90% of medical fees, you will have access to the best medical centers and specialties as well as the Premium Table with the most prestigious hospitals in Spain. In short, get the best coverage with total freedom of choice.

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