Reasons to choose dental implants as your teeth-loss solution

Reasons to choose dental implants as your teeth-loss solution

Incidents of a tooth or teeth loss are not just related to cosmetic dentistry. Dentists are well aware about it although many patients do not. It is the sole responsibility of dentists to help people understand why tooth or teeth loss issues are not to be left ignored. A case of a missing tooth or teeth snowballs into a massive issue in course of time. It not only affects your oral health but also spreads a negative impact in your day to day life on the whole. With a missing tooth or teeth you cannot enjoy all the dishes or food items that you used to relish once upon a time. You may also have to bring about certain changes to the way you chew foods and even the way you talk. Tooth loss causes the bones and the muscles along the jaw line to shrink. This often weakens and shrinks your jaw and as a result the lips and the cheeks sag. More severely, if the loss of tooth or teeth occurs at the front of the mouth, in course of time  it leads an individual to develop low self esteem.

And if statistics are to be believed a significant number of people across the UK – cutting across various age groups – suffer from the problem of tooth loss. The good news is modern dentistry has evolved strikingly to provide a realistic solution to the problem in form of dental implants. A large of dentists from every corner of the globe consider this to be the most practical and feasible option to replace a missing tooth or teeth with.

However everyone is not an ideal candidate for the treatment. In the following section of the blog post let us explore how this revolutionary solution can help put your life on the normal course once again.

  • Suffer from missing or chipped tooth or teeth – it is practically impossible to differentiate between an implanted tooth or teeth and the real ones. Dental implants are the most time-proof option for teeth-loss patients. Unlike the other solutions that are available implanted tooth or teeth enable you to eat, speak and live life normally just the way you would if you never suffered from tooth or teeth loss. On the other hand, missing tooth or teeth not only limits your ability to chew foods and speak normally but also is the reason for recurring headaches and oral infections.
  • When dentures prove to be a misfit – dentures cause immense pain and discomfort when those do not fit into your mouth properly. Implants are by all comparisons much better, more comfortable and secure alternative to dentures. An implanted tooth not only looks like your natural one but also functions like it. Unlike dentures implants do not slip out their place. It cuts down both your discomfort and irritation to a significant level. Implants are pretty long lasting. An implanted tooth or teeth can easily last the rest of your life with almost zero effort in maintenance. You brush and floss your implanted tooth or teeth just like the natural ones. Other than that it requires no extra effort to last a lifetime. When you select dental implants over other alternative options to teeth loss, you eventually save money over time.
  • No chances of infection – severe injury, dental trauma, periodontal infection and many other conditions can lead you to an infected tooth or teeth. if the infection turns bad enough you can benefit from implants treatment. The infection may have spread so deep that the roots of the tooth or teeth are affected. In such circumstance integrity of the tooth or teeth is under a serious threat and the teeth may not be retained in the long run. In such severe condition dental implant can save your game. It not only relieves you from the pain of the infection but also saves you from suffering from teeth loss.
  • Failing jawbone – having a lost tooth or teeth leads to deterioration of the jawbone over a course of time. Receding jawbones affect the integrity of the structure of the tooth. it changes your facial structure and makes you appear much older your age. Dental implants involve an invasive surgical procedure and are directly straight into your jawbone. This prevents further recession of the gums. In absence of an implant solution patients suffering from tooth loss are prone to other issues related to the jaw that eventually lead to further teeth loss. In course of time the biocompatible metal used as implant blends with the surrounding tissues and the bones to form a part of your body. This way it not only prevents further deterioration of your oral condition but also provides a feasible solution to the problem.
  • Facial muscles and structure constantly sinking in – over a period of time people suffering from tooth loss have their faces develop a cave-in appearance. Implants treatment is a fitting solution to correct as well as avoid this problem. This sunken-in appearance occurs as a result of bone loss from the location of your lost tooth or teeth. This problem is also common in patients with lost teeth who are on dentures. Unlike implants dentures do not promote growth of bones along the jaw line. In other words dentures to result in bone recede. Implants treatment not only provides a realistic solution to your missing teeth but also gives your face a youthful appearance. Unlike dentures and other alternatives to tooth loss implants restore your normal chewing and speaking abilities.

Hope the paragraphs above put all your doubts on dental implant treatment to rest. You can be rest assured that implants solution is the most realistic and durable option in teeth loss cases among adults. If the latest trend is to be followed, there is a steadily increasing demand for dental implants in Wimbledon. Experienced dentists assure implant offers a reliable base for bridgework. The metal pole, which is actually your dental implant, also helps securing your dentures without glue. It also provides excellent support to the existing teeth to hold those firmly in place. Other than restoring and preserving your facial structure the implants solution prevents progression of both gum recession and loss of your jawbone. It is indeed a permanent solution to your lost tooth or teeth.

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