Python vs Matlab: 8 Comparison For Which Language is Best


In the world of data science and machine learning, data analysis has become a daily part of our lives. Matlab is one of the most popular platforms for data science. In addition, it is also the second language in machine learning and data science courses. Python vs Matlab is the biggest debate in programming languages today.


Python is an object-oriented programming language. The use of this language for general programming and data science projects. However, there are some similarities in Python vs Matlab languages ​​and also some differences, which we will discuss in this blog and Python Assignment Help.


What is Python?


Python is a programming language that Guido van Rossum created in the early 1990s. It is a powerful programming language because it is easy to read, write, and understand.


In other words, it is a general-purpose programming language. The use of this language as a scripting language for websites. Moreover, the design of this language is to be clear and concise.


Indeed, the use of this language by professionals in data science and software development to create effective and efficient applications and software.


What is Matlab?


Matlab is one of the most commonly used numerical computer programming languages. It is a high-level language. Moreover, the use of this language to perform mathematical and scientific operations.


However, the use of Matlab by students and professionals in several fields, including engineering, science, mathematics, management, architecture and finance. Also, the use of this language in a variety of applications, such as signal processing and image processing.


What is the difference between Python vs Matlab?


Below are the top 8 comparisons between Python and Matlab programming languages.




Matlab is a proprietary programming language and computing environment. The use of this language in scientific, engineering, and mathematical fields. Matlab is a matrix-based language and thus is well suited for manipulating arrays.


On the other hand, Python is a versatile general-purpose programming language. The use of this language, particularly for its wide array of libraries, which extend its capabilities significantly.




It is an important factor in the comparison between Python vs Matlab.


Matlab is great for scripting, modeling, and non-real-time tasks.


Whereas Python is great for web development, numerical processing, and general programming.




The purpose of the Python programming language is general.


On the other hand, Matlab programming is a technical and mathematical computation language.




Python is open-source, written in C, and takes longer to run than other programming languages like Matlab.


On the other hand, Matlab is closed-source, written in C++ and Fortran. The use of this language by some of the largest companies and government agencies worldwide.




The speed of the Python programming language is very fast.


Whereas the speed of the Matlab language is slow.




It is also important to understand the design factor in the comparisons of Python vs Matlab programming languages.


Indeed, the Python programming language design is a multi-purpose language.


On the other hand, Matlab language design has one purpose only: scientific computing.




Python programming language has an extensive standard library.


Whereas, the standard library of Matlab programming does not include generic programming functionality.


Matlab is a more difficult programming language to learn, but some data scientists prefer it.




Python programming language is more expressive and readable than Matlab programming.


On the other hand, Matlab programming provides more comprehensive numerical functionalities.


Python vs Matlab: Which language is better?


Many software packages use for computing and data analysis, and among the most popular is Python and Matlab. Python is renowned for its clear syntax, simple structure, and large and friendly community. On the other hand, Matlab is an older language that is particularly known for its graphical capabilities.


Overall, Python is the better choice, and there are many open-source tools that you can use if you want to make your programs faster.


Python vs Matlab: Which one should you use?


Python is open source, While Matlab is a paid product. It is faster and more versatile than Matlab. The downside to Matlab is that it doesn’t have as many libraries as Python. On the other hand, Matlab is easier to learn and has a much steeper learning curve. It’s best to use Python if you’re looking for something easy to read and versatile.


Furthermore, if you are looking for a more general programming language to use for the most common computer science tasks, Python would be the choice for you. If you need to do more matrix-oriented computation, then Matlab would be the better option.




We hope you enjoyed our blog comparing Python vs Matlab. This article gives some background on Python and Matlab and then outlines some of their similarities and differences.


Knowing the differences between Python and Matlab is essential if you are a programmer. Python and Matlab are both open-source programming languages. The use of these languages to create complex programs. Both are used by programmers worldwide and are often used in scientific fields. In addition, the two languages have different uses.

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