Product launch: what it is and how to create a successful campaign

Product Launch

Having a successful business with flashy products that attract audiences is not an easy task. Among the various marketing strategies that you and your company need to have, a product launch is one of the main actions.

It is the kick-off to introducing your new product, so it’s very important to have an impactful event. An action that stays in the mouth of the people.

And to do that, planning isn’t just about launching. It must be prepared to generate buzz, expectation, and the certainty that the product in question will be the solution to many problems for the public.

When it comes to product launches, there is no more perfect example than the events of Apple or Google.

Every time these two companies offer new solutions to the market, the internet boils, and sales impress right away.

But of course, not every entrepreneur has Steve Jobs’ vision or engagement power as the web’s top search engine.

Coming up with a perfect product and making it popular with the public may seem complicated, but it’s not impossible. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur and want to launch products on the market, you will now know how to do all this in the most assertive way possible!

Why launch a product?

Let’s say you have the ideal product for people who like the internet, like a marketing automation tool or an online course, for example. Somehow, you need to show this to your audience. He needs to have a good impression and, for that, it is necessary to carry out actions that guarantee quality and attract everyone’s attention.

The product launch is precisely the moment when you present what you have to

new and shows how he will be the problem solver for his potential customers. These goals are only achieved when you prepare properly and don’t get discouraged at first “no” you receive.

When it comes to launching products on the market, all types of companies are included: whether small, medium, or large. If you have a good product, you can run a successful event — online or offline.

As? You will find out now!

Get ready for a top event!

Well, for starters… You need to have a product to launch!

And maybe you already have that product or an idea to create one. To know if it is really what your audience needs, it is necessary to take a few steps to launch it to the market. If you still have no idea what to launch, don’t despair. It is possible to understand people’s needs and look for something that solves them and, at the same time, earns extra money.

Study consumer trends

Before launching any product, you have to know where you are “standing”. It is very important to know what the market consumption trends are, what people are interested in and how you can be innovative for them.

In this respect, benchmarking helps you understand the behavior of your niche and discover insights for product launch.

That way, you establish the best strategy for you to be really original and accurate.

Here, it is also worth carrying out the SWOT analysis in which you can analyze the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your new commodity.

have a niche

Before launching a product on the market, an important question must be answered: to whom will you launch it?

Market research is really important to map out everything your new product should offer the world, but the study should really identify what your niche needs are.

So, know who your product is really ideal for. Young people? Women? Business people?

There are many tools on the internet that can help you learn a little about trends in certain niches, and one of them is Google Trends. And remember: your product should solve problems for this niche, ensuring that wants are satisfied and pains are remedied.

define the persona

If you’ve already defined your niche, it’s important to know how to communicate properly. This is where the persona comes in.

If you still don’t know what one is, that’s fine. A persona is a “character” created through real data about a certain type of consumer. She has a name, job, habits, and particular tastes. All are defined with an in-depth study of your target audience.

The persona also helps you target ads, have more creative and eye-catching content, and have a closer identification of your potential customer.

Establish KPIs

KPIs are performance indicators. These are metrics you want to analyze in a given strategy. These numbers must be tracked throughout an action.

But, before they are actually analyzed, you should know which ones really should be examined, those that are relevant to know how to portray if your strategy is really effective.

Indicators vary depending on the result you expect to achieve, but some can greatly help your business grow:

  • website clicks;
  • ad impressions and views;
  • video views;
  • captured leads;
  • time spent on site;

There are many metrics you can establish before launching a product. Define those that are really important to know the degree of interest of your audience and, if necessary, improve or enhance some actions.

Know that Hotjar is a fundamental tool at these times. The system helps to understand user behavior on your pages, providing insights for improvements to your content and elements, such as CTAs.

Keep in mind that you will need to document this data somewhere. Initially, spreadsheets are solutions that can meet your demands. However, over time, it may be necessary to adopt a more robust solution, such as ERP software.

The release!

Now that you’ve established the best techniques to ensure a successful product on the market, it’s time to launch it. See some aspects that cannot be missing in your business.

the social networks

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are important media for you to be present in the market. Don’t give up marketing campaigns aimed at each of these networks and be sure to dialogue with your audience with them.

Know that other virtual communities offer good chances for a launch as well — like TikTok.

Affiliates (digital influencers)

Affiliate marketing is a trend in marketing these days. And one of the best affiliates you can have is Influencers. They already have a loyal audience and give authority to your brand. Think of strategies you can engage them in and ensure good repercussions in your niche!

The Copywriting

The pillar of digital marketing. These are contents aimed at promoting and selling products on the internet. With the best techniques, you can add value to what you are launching and generate interest in your audience.

Invest in a very deep study in copywriting and have good rates to actually carry out an impact product launch. If necessary, take courses and participate in events focused on the subject.

The post-launch: feedback!

You’ve already done the whole process of promoting the product on the market, people are wanting to buy it, and a video of an influencer has gone viral… but so what? And now?

Well, the biggest challenge of a post-launch is precisely to make your creation perennial. May she be a product constantly remembered among the public. Once it’s released, you need to know what people are thinking, right? And nothing better than using the same feedback channels.

These returns can be spontaneous or you can create channels that your audience can feel comfortable talking about.

You can receive feedback via comments on social media, such as Stories, or with live streams. The important thing is to measure the degree of public satisfaction and enable improvements with new versions.

And the website, do you have it?

With all the care you’ve taken to plan a product launch that is powerful, it’s not possible that your company doesn’t have a website, right?

Well, if you’re still planning to launch something, be sure to think strategically about pages that convert visitors into leads. So, understand more about landing pages right now!


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