Pregnancy Test And Confirmation – A Few Points You Must Know


Are you on your family expansion or pregnancy plan? Great!, you are on the right path after getting married to the man you love most. As you plan your pregnancy, you may come across several points that can make you confused and you might be unable to decide what you should do. Blood tests and a urine examination routine test in Noida or your local town/city can help you get confirmed. However, you would have any queries about your pregnancy, its confirmation, etc. You may be eager to know how many days pregnancy can be confirmed by urine test and allied queries. Keep reading the post to know most of the things about your pregnancy. 

How many days of pregnancy can be confirmed by urine tests?

After having time, frequent, unprotected physical intimacies with your male partner, you are very curious to know the real status of your family expansion or pregnancy plan. Keep in mind, that rushing for a pregnancy test will not be fruitful for you. It is, as your eggs need time to get fertilized with your partner’s sperm and reach their final destination – your uterus. A urine or blood test after a week or 15 days can help you to get a confirmation. 

How soon should you get a blood test for pregnancy confirmation?

There are two types of blood tests for pregnancy confirmation. A strip test is highly accurate (100%) in comparison with a digital test that gives 90% accuracy for confirmation of pregnancy. Most experts advise doing this test after 11-12 days of unprotected sexual intercourse or if you have a missed period. 

How long should you wait for a pregnancy test?

Most of you are in a hurry when you decide to be a mother. You are curious to know you are pregnant and reveal it to your spouse, family members, and well-wishers. You want to get your pregnancy test as soon as possible. Remember being in a hurry is not good and you should wait for a little. However, you can take it after 2-3 days of your timed and unprotected love-making. It may bring false results or may not give what you expected. The best time is 8 days and a test after 11-12 days will give you a clearer picture.  

When should you do a test for confirming your pregnancy:

Usually, you should do a pregnancy test after 11-12 days of your unprotected physical intimacy. Further, you would do it when you have certain symptoms like:

  • Missed periods 
  • Tender breasts 
  • Nausea
  • Cravings 
  • Dizziness
  • Frequent urination needs 
  • More sensitivity to smells        

When does a pregnancy test work and when does it not work?

The ideal time to detect a pregnancy is 11-12 days of a timed and unprotected love-making. Your ways to detect it may mislead you. The test may not work for you if you have irregular periods or menstrual cycles. You need to do a retest to confirm your conception. 

The situations when your pregnancy tests show wrong results

Every pregnancy test is unique and has a particular coating to react with hCG presence in your bloodstream. It is often red. Here are some situations or conditions when you will have wrong results for your pregnancy tests:

  • Expiration or improper storage of the strip test kit 
  • No presence of hCG in your bloodstream 
  • Higher sensitivity level to the test kit 
  • Test timing – especially evening diagnostic test 

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How can you ensure to have the right results?

As you are willing to conceive, you have a strong desire to get a positive result for your pregnancy test. You will have the right information on your pregnancy confirmation if everything is good. Here are some effective steps that you can follow to have positive outcomes:

  • Choose an ideal time – a morning diagnostic test is good. And move to get the test done on the 11th or 12th day after having a timed and unprotected love-making session 
  • Check the expiration of the pregnancy home test kits 
  • Be careful with the storage of the kits
  • Go through the instructions your home pregnancy test kit has 
  • Opt for a lab test or ultrasound if your home test doesn’t help you


A pregnancy confirmation is not as easy as most of you think. Urine and blood tests at home or in a lab may be false or produce wrong results. You should be aware of each aspect as you plan your pregnancy. A doctor’s help can help you a lot here.   



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