Popular Tourist Attractions To Visit In Fuzhou, China

Places To Visit In Fuzhou

Have you ever visited a new place and thought, “Wow!” A big number of visitors go to Fuzhou each year. Despite the fact that Fuzhou isn’t as well-known as some of China’s other major cities, it is still a fantastic place to visit. Even though it’s not a well-known tourism destination, Fuzhou’s gorgeous natural beauty is fast making it one. You’ll discover a surprising amount of one-of-a-kind activities and locales worth exploring at this off-the-beaten-path getaway.

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Whether you’re considering a trip to China but aren’t sure if Fuzhou should be on your itinerary. keep reading. On this page, you’ll find a list of some of the things to do in and around Fuzhou. We believe that if you plan a vacation to this city, you’ll be glad you did since it’s a wonderful place to visit.

Fuzhou’s National Forest Park

One of China’s top 10 forest parks, the park has an extensive botanical garden. In a suburb north of the city, it is accessible through public transportation. It’s a great place to visit in Fuzhou since the air is clean and there are a lot of unique plants. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, a gigantic banyan tree has stood beside the reservoir. A broad variety of flowering plants may be found throughout the year, including pear blooms and cherry blossoms, for example. Fuzhou National Forest Park is transformed into a bright fantasy place by the stunning flowers that are presently in full bloom across the region.

The park at the west end of the lake

Fuzhou’s oldest and best-preserved classical garden is West Lake Park. Located in Fuzhou’s northern suburbs, it has a history spanning more than 1,700 years. When the Jin Dynasty ruled China from 265 to 420 AD, the lake was constructed so that water from the hills in the north could be utilized for irrigation purposes. As its name implies, it was once known as West Lake because of its westward position in regard to the city. Visitors may take a leisurely walk along the lakeside route and take in the lush vegetation, ancient pavilions, and the lake’s magnificent trees and flowers. A dike that is covered with willows swaying in the wind is also there.

Fuzhou’s skyline can be seen from the top of the Zhenhai Tower.

The Zhenhai Tower, one of China’s best-known landmarks, dates back more than 600 years. Ancient Fuzhou’s highest point, perched on Mount Ping, was also the city’s northernmost point. There is a history museum on the ground floor and an observation deck on the second floor with sweeping views of the city below. Fuzhou locals consider this activity to be one of the best.

Seven Star Fish Balls are a delicacy that you should try for yourself.

Enjoying the city’s gorgeous surroundings and trying the local food is always a popular activity in Fuzhou, and it’s not hard to see why. Fuzhou’s Seven Star Fish Balls are a must-have while deciding what to eat. In the first step, a mixture of minced eel, potato flour, and other seasonings is made. After that, the mixture is formed into balls and fried with shrimp and lean pig mince. The name comes from the look of the fish balls, which are the size of walnuts and are often served in soup. Despite the meal’s lightness, it retains the true flavor of the seafood, which is characterized as mellow and pleasant with a salty aftertaste.

At night, take a boat ride on the Minjiang River in China.

Fujian’s longest river, the Minjiang River, is located in the province. When the sun sets, the river transforms into a glowing ribbon with neon lights on both sides. When seen from the river, the neon lights and the light show on the banks are at their most impressive when seen in their whole. The Minjiang River may be sailed at night, making it one of the best things to do in Fuzhou. To get to Sanxianzhou Bridge, ships depart Taijiang Wharf and sail north. If the ships arrive at Gushan Bridge, they may turn around and return to the pier if the tide has affected them. A surprise awaits guests on the riverbanks of the Golden Bund as the ship makes its approach to the city’s most famous landmark.


Fujian province’s capital, Fuzhou, is situated on the southeast coast of China. Since the beginning of Fujian’s existence, it has been the city’s center. Fuzhou attracts millions of tourists each year because of its stunning scenery, one-of-a-kind folk customs, peculiar gastronomy, and other characteristics of the city that are not found elsewhere. Feeling inspired already? Wait no further, plan your trip with AirlinesMap today and have fun in the most unique way. Bon Voayge..!


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