Pilgrim, a plant-based, free of cruelty as well as an FDA recognized Beauty brand


The newest animal cruelty-free brand to make a difference within the world of beauty.

Mumbai Oct. 2020 The Pilgrim brand, which is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and FDA certified cosmetics brandhas launched its first collection in the Indian market, launching their first collection titled “Secrets of Jeju Island”.

The brand’s new launch seeks to fulfill the missing ingredient that feeds into our goal of creating the ideal skincare and haircare routine.

Pilgrim is a top-quality and result-oriented brand that’s made of no animal-derived ingredients.

Pilgrim’s most recent collection, “Secrets of Jeju Island”, incorporates the secret beauty recipes of Jeju Island, Korea, and is affordable.

The must-try items from the collection are Vitamin C Sleep Serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid & White Lotus, Volcanic Lava Ash Body Scrub that contains Yugdugu & White Lotus, Argan Oil Hair Mask with White Lotus & Camellia, Shea & Cocoa Body Butter with White Lotus, and more!

The consumer has never so concerned about the products they apply to their bodies than they are today.

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Pilgrim is aiming to reveal the secrets to beauty that cannot be accessible in shops. The company’s vegan approach aims to discover the beauty secrets of native people across all cultures by going an adventure to each region of the globe.

Pilgrim develops cosmetics that draw on the indigenous ingredients and knowledge from all over the world.

The high-performance formulations offer the most unique combination of ingredients that eliminates harmful substances.

Each product is designed in accordance with the strict guidelines set by The Pilgrim Code. The products do not contain Paraben or Sulphate, none of the Mineral Oils or other chemicals that are harmful and harsh.

Pilgrim believes that we all love finding out the secrets of our world and we’re embarking on a quest to share beauty secrets of the globe.

Now you can purchase the products they sell on their official website as well on other online stores like, Amazon, Nykaa, and Flipkart.

Hurry! Join us on the path to better hair and skin by joining Pilgrim.

The Pilgrim’s Story:

Pilgrim can be described as “Clean Compatible.” With this in mind that the brand isn’t only free of harmful and harmful chemicals, but it also makes use of ingredients that enhance the overall health of your hair and skin or enhance the efficacy of the products.

The widespread Toxic twenty chemicals usually the cause of the disharmonies in our skin and hair health.

If we eliminate our products in totality (“clean break”) Our body is able to reset itself and get back to its normal and healthful state.

What goes into our products is crucial, and the stuff that doesn’t go into our products is more important.

Pilgrim provides products that are biocompatible, conform to the pH levels of skin hair and is not causing harm to the skin. Active ingredients are kept at the correct level to provide the best results.


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