Pay Per Click: Need of the hour in digital marketing!

PPC Service in India, Delhi

Today the world of advertising is going completely digital, just like everything else. Marketing is all about connecting with your audience and prospective customer base, and with the rise of the internet, digital marketing’s significance has increased exponentially. In digital marketing, PPC or Pay per click the advertiser pays for each time their ad is clicked on. When a brand ventures into the domain of PPC, a lot of questions arise. We have coveted all such questions with appropriate answers to rid you of any doubts you have.

How does PPC help my business grow?

Pay Per Click assists businesses with accomplishing countless business and advertisement objectives. These objectives range from a crazy level of exposure for a brand to making a potential customer a sure-shot buyer. If you are a company working out of Delhi, you can put complete faith in Technians. This company provides its clients with the Best PPC services in Delhi, India. Technians also provides PPC service in Gurgaon. Covering not only North India, if you are a brand looking for PPC service in Bangalore, or PPC service in Mumbai, Technians is the one-stop destination for all your digital marketing needs.

PPC is an incredible asset for adjusting site traffic drivers to the ultimate objectives of increasing customer base and revenue.

Why should we use PPC marketing?

Pay Per Click is one of the greatest digital marketing tools which can be utilised to drive a brand’s sales to heights. Also, PPC advertisements are easy to track and keep note of. The main aim of a successful marketing campaign or strategy is to right set of audiences at the right time. Today when almost everybody has a screen in front of their eyes almost all day, the best solution for marketing is digital marketing! And when a lot of time online is spent on various social media applications and shopping applications, the best form of digital marketing is PPC!

 Why is PPC gaining so much popularity?

There are numerous reasons behind the steady growth of PPC advertisements. Some of these are:

  1. Produces quick results: Amongst other reasons, the speed with which businesses get results delivered from pay-per-click advertisements is what attracts businesses towards it the most. With just a simple process, a business or company is able to reach thousands of people in a matter of seconds. As per statistics, almost thirty-three per cent of online customers makes use of the internet to look up businesses and brands every day.
  2. This makes up a very big potential market to leverage the profits of pay-per-click advertisements.                          
  3. Gathers more consumers on your website: Pay-per-click advertisements not only increase the visibility of a brand’s products, but also the brand’s website. The product draws attention to the business’ website in search of other interesting products. This increases the footfall on the website and hence reaches out to a wider audience.
  4. Improve brand recognition: Pay-per-click advertisements are well known for improving a brand’s public recognition. Over time, even if a consumer is not clicking on an advertisement, simply viewing it more than a couple of times will lead to the brand name staying in the consumer’s mind. This intrigues the consumer into looking up what exactly the brand is about and what products it has to offer. Another dimension to this advantage is that multiple views of a brand name online help easy recognition of said brand name in an offline setting. For example, a consumer is walking past a billboard or store of a business. This particular business has invested in PPC advertisements, which were consumed by the person. Having already been acquainted with the name online, there is a certain degree of familiarity with the brand in the person’s mind. 
  5. Adjust target audience based on time: Businesses and brands have the option to choose a time they find will suit their intended audience best and drive in a higher number of customers. The results of PPC can be used to understand the SEO strategies and time management strategies.
  6. Makes use of geo-targeting: Local PPC advertisements are also called geo-targeting. This means that advertisements can be launched specifically for certain locations. This is very helpful, especially for local businesses which only want to cater to an audience of a specific geographic location. Using this process, money can be saved as the budget is spent only on the consumers which are needed rather than on a general consumer base.
  7. Cost-effective: This form of digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools available in the market. And so because of this, even small companies can compete with bigger ones in the advertising arena. A brand of any scale can make use of this particular technique with a fair budget.

The hype for PPC is real and justified. Just a couple of years ago, it was recorded that advertisers close to 7 million invested in PPC advertisements. This totalled to approximately 10 billion US dollars investment.

Statistics have proved time and again that PPC advertisements are very beneficial for creating a buzz around a business and driving up its sales. Every business looking to increase their sales should be aware of some of these statistics to help them decide about investing in PPC:

  • For every single organic visitor, there are a minimum of two PPC-driven visitors to a website.
  • Online consumers are 155% more likely to look up a certain brand and its related products when they have been exposed to display advertisements.
  • Mobile PPC advertisements alone attract 52 per cent of the total number of online consumers.
  • PPC advertisements have been known to increase brand awareness by 80 per cent.
  • 65 per cent of online customers click on PPC ads.

Understanding the power of PPC advertisements is not rocket science. Every day the number of online users is increasing. And so, with each passing day, the scope for digital marketing is increasing. Investing in the current form of marketing is required to stay alive in a competitive market, especially in today’s world.


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