No Bus Tickets Mumbai will be the first city in India to have 100% digital bus


First city in India that will have 100% digital buses has proved to be Mumbai! Indeed, Mumbai city will be the first city in India that is completely digital, from the time you get on the bus until reserving tickets.

Find out how these buses fully digital will operate!

The Best Way To run fully digital buses in Mumbai

BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transportation) has  made public this via tweet. The transportation company posted an online video showing a demonstration of the bus that is digital.

A tweet  from BEST bus transport service read, “BEST to introduce Tap in Tap out service for Mumbaikars for the first time on any bus transportation in India in the near future. Prepare yourself for a 100% digital experience with the Chalo smartphone app as well as the the Best Chalo Smart card.”

The buses that are digital will come with the “Tap into and Tap out” feature.

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According to reports, this bus was also testedand will operate by CSMT up to NCPA. The testing for this was concluded on April 18 and the operation will begin this week. The facility will be available to use smart cards, as well as an application for mobile phones called Chalo.

How Does the Fully Digital Bus Function?

Passengers can board the bus and then flash their smart card or mobile before the digital machine that is affixed to the back entrance. A green tick will be displayed and let passengers get on the bus.

If the passenger wishes to leave the bus, they’ll be required to tap out, and the fare for the bus will be automatically debited from his smartcard or application.

They will also be equipped with “Digital Bus” in the ticket at the entrance and will only be accessible to those who use cashless travel.

According to BEST general manager Lokesh Chandra. 20 buses will be launched along the office routes soon. In addition, additional buses will be introduced in the island city as well as suburbs.

Recently, we reported that the BEST had  completed their contact  to purchase the 900 AC electric buses with double decks. Rs. 992 crores have been allocated for the BEST as part of the Maharashtra Clean Air Project for purchasing electronic buses. The initial plan is for this money to be used to buy double-decker buses.


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