Neha Dhupia: I’m not going to be irritated with my body because someone other than me thinks it’s not the right size.


Actress Neha Dhupia doesn’t worry about the people who are obsessed with their weight, or those extra pounds that she put on following her delivery. It’s because she believes that it’s not necessary to get unhappy with her body due to someone else’s opinion.

In her candid discussion regarding her relationships with the body The woman with two children says “It is always changing. The demands I faced for my body as I first started out was different. Likewise, when I began filming, it was about keeping my fitness and looking attractive on camera. Today, I’ve contributed to the camera in the beginning of my eight-month expecting… It’s hard to become any more vulnerable than this”.

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She is aware that her body has changed following the birth of her baby and she is determined to embrace the change instead of looking at the shortcomings. “The first time (after the birth) I gain a significant amount of weight, but I lost it. Another time I added pounds, and since then I’m beginning to work to lose it.” Dhupia reveals.

However, has she ever felt unsatisfied about her physique? The actor says “”Maybe during my postpartum stage or maybe in the first time I shot myself, what can I do to hate my body? It has brought me two incredible human beings. It took some time to accept and appreciate. Today, I’m trying to get fit and work to get a certain appearance out of my body right now. I’m currently at the middle of that stage after having my baby.”

She goes on to say, “People are always going to have their own opinions on me. But I’m not going become angry about my body just because someone believes that I’m not a certain size. The reason that I’m my size is only known to me and I don’t feel that I should explain anything or explain anything to anybody”.

She is pleased that she bounced back and is recovering well after her birth, and she said, “So, to go to a size larger or dress in a certain manner is acceptable. The body I was born into made me a beautiful woman and this body has made me an mother. I be in love with both”.

It’s the same for her as she’s set realistic expectations for herself. “The first time I had a baby I had to wait a couple of years to get back to my normal size, and then to be a little more confident and get pregnant again. If it takes a while and time, it’s going to take. I’m fine with that.” claims the star who last appeared as a character in A Thursday.

She says, “I’m okay with whatever opinions people have about me, regardless of whether I don skinny jeans and a tank and walk out, they’ll hold an opinion. I’m not going make myself feel guilty about it”.

In this instance, Dhupia asserts that it is essential for her to concentrate on what is suitable for her instead of worrying about the background noise.

“I don’t have time or bandwidth. I’ve had the pleasure of becoming pregnant. I’ve had the pleasure of gaining weight with the right motives. I’ve had the pleasure of giving in to cravings. And I’m far from being one of the who have the body that after birth, I stroll out in figure hugging clothes. I’m not this,” she says.

This is why it’s important to be open about it, because people will be looking up to her. “I’m not here to do anything except set realistic standards for myself and for everyone else,” she states as she signs off.

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