Myths & Realities About Mental Health Disorders You Must Know


There was once an era when psychological ailments were scarcely realized. They were also very rarely diagnosed and treated. Yet, numerous patients and their caretakers are hesitant when it comes to consulting a clinical psychologist in Dubai. This is because they consider there’s no such illness as depression or other related psychological issues.

Having said that, let’s take a detailed understanding of how some commonly perceived psychological fallacies, beliefs and myths are disproved:

1.  Mental health diseases are unusual.

Mental health problems are pretty unusual, but not everyone is familiar with them. It is surprising to say that every one person out of five in America has suffered or is undergoing a genuine mental health issue. Statistics also reveal that one out every 10 young individuals has undergone major depression for a specific duration. Moreover, out of 25 Americans, at least one undergoes a critical mental health disease, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disease, or critical depression.

The myth that psychological health issues are unusual and do not affect reality is due to the lack of right awareness among people. Since a lot of people do not know how to identify these issues, they don’t believe these issues, which is a very alarming signal for society.

2.  Individuals with psychological health issues cannot work like normal people.

This myth is one of its kind, which can be true in some cases when the psychological ailment is pretty serious and impedes their usual working capacity to think logically in a normal manner.

However, in such cases, there are certain psychological health issues of a very mild nature. In such cases, one can continue its personal and professional routine without any major issues.

3.  Psychiatry medicines can transform your personality.

Psychiatrist doctors from psychiatric hospitals Dubai often prescribe therapies to patients based on the kind of psychological disorder they suffer from. However, some individuals rummage to take these drugs as they assume these medications will transform their personalities.

The truth is that psychiatry medications cannot change who you are. They can, of course, support you to eradicate the anti-social behaviour as well as negativity you may have developed over the period. It does bring a personality change, but a positive one.

4.  A consoling talk with your beloved can cure mental health problems.

It can help but not solely cure your mental health problem. You may feel good for a while, but the adverse effects will come back just after some time, and you will be back at nothing – feeling saddened.

Not many individuals understand that there’s a big discrepancy between structured treatments and conversing with friends. The latter includes an appropriately structured technique tailored specifically to treat individual patients, based on the issue they are undergoing as well as its stringency.

5.  Schizophrenia victims have double personalities.

Schizophrenia is one of the common mental health disorders, thanks to mainstream media. Many movies and TV series have shown people suffering from this disease. But unfortunately, most of them portray it in the wrong manner. It is usually shown that patients schizophrenics have numerous personalities. At one time, it is a saint; at the very another moment, it is a murderer. This, nevertheless, is nothing more than just a belief.

Schizophrenia is a disease in which an individual loses a sense of self, perception as well as behaviour. This leads a consequence in hallucinations and delusions. A competent expert or a psychological professional diagnoses such an issue.

6.  Psychological health problems are not dominant among kids.

It is believed that mental health issues are not common among kids. However, the truth is quite the contrary. Such psychological health problems are also common among kids and teenagers.

It is believed that mental health issues are not common among kids. However, the truth is quite the contrary. Such psychological health problems are also common among kids and teenagers.

If you nearly examine them, you can see some earlier indications of mental health problems in them. However, it’s proposed to take such victim to one of the most skilled psychologists in Dubai.  The therapy turns out to be more beneficial if the issue is diagnosed earlier.

So now you know it all! We positively hope that any clarity that you may need to have with regard to mental health disorders is very well cleared now.


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