Mushroom farming: Current Scenario in India


The cultivation of mushrooms is one of the most profitable agricultural businesses. The cultivation of mushrooms in India is growing slowly and is an extra source of income source for numerous Indian farmers.

Mushrooms are the fruiting variety of parasites that are basidiomycetous and are officially referred to as basidiomata (sing the word basioma).

They’re framed in a unique way in specific seasons of the year when the conditions are calm and beautiful colored. Mushrooms can be eaten or non-eatable, poisonous or toxic.

The people have been eating mushrooms for a long time. They used to visit the forest and other places of the wild, and relying on their knowledge into harmful and edible mushrooms, they would collect the edible mushrooms. In fact, today, a few people gather wild mushrooms in the forest and then eat them.


In the mid-1950s, the state administration of Himachal Pradesh announced the appointment of Shri S.S.Jain as the state’s first Assistant. Mycologist and Plant Pathologist for the state. He was employed in the WildFlower Hall in Chharabra, Shimla.

He was in the interior areas of Himachal to assist the apple orchardists as well as the farmers manage the diseases of applesand other products from the soil such as wheat and potatoes.

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He was able to see the desperate hands-to-mouth condition of the poor farmers in the hilly region of HP. He was required to help them.

When he was with certain farmers within the regions, he observed that there was decaying twigs, parts of apples and other trees of natural products and wheat straw that were in the stable along with cow dung. Also, in the natural conditions there was a wealth of mushrooms growing in the darkness of horse shelters.

He proposed an exploration proposal for the cultivation of edible mushrooms. He got the approval to develop the same from the state government . He also received the produce of the mushroom coming from Japan as well as France.

He established a lab located in Solan, Shimla Hills, and started his probes for examination creating edible mushrooms from Agaricus and other species in laboratory conditions that replicate those that can be found within Himachal Pradesh.

At the time he was able to grow the mushrooms using a substrate made of the decaying apple tree’s twigs, branches and cow dung as well as wheat straw, He distributed the results via the publication of the HP state Extension division.

The outcomes, when sung and made public of the ranchers as well as the poor and vulnerable people within the state, led to the dissemination of information and made available to them, and the mushroom cultivation started with the beginning of Himachal Pradesh.

The research facility established by Shri S.S.Jain who was the pioneer of mushroom cultivation in India was later transformed into the most important place for developing mushroom cultivation for ranchers from Himachal Pradesh and different states along with phytopathologists as well as mycologists from all over India.

Hy-Tech Organics farms With the growing world population, it will become increasingly difficult to find enough farmland that is reasonable to produce enough supplies to cater to the needs of the increasing population.

In light of the inevitable urbanization that is taking place in our country India to accelerate advancement and growth and growth, it’s also essential to have an overall organized sketch of the innovating ideas for the years to be in the future.

In fact, let us declare that we have come up with an appropriate solution for the mass production of mushrooms. With our invention, the benefits are basically permanent.

India is as lately in the spotlight due to the rapid developments happening around the world. Vertical agriculture is an outstanding invention in cultivating, which anyone who is interested can grow more in a smaller space with less capital.

Sounds fascinating, right? It’s exactly the way it is to us continuously as using Hy-tech Organic Farm endeavor to build the required procedures associated with these kinds of cultivation innovations.

It’s a major and progressive strategy to produce top-quality mushrooms by utilizing this technology. The current practice of vertical cultivation all over India is mostly based on polyhouses.

Similar methods of cultivation allows anyone to achieve greater yields in the final with a lesser risk of to start.

Hy-tech Organic Farm has been the very first company from India to sustainably developed an economic model for business that is based on a unique method using vertical farming to produce top-quality mushrooms at a lesser expense.

The company’s technology operates in a closed manufacturing facility which has an architecture like the one seen in the manufacturing industry , or an encapsulated warehouse.

Hy-tech Organic Farm’s technology is superior to all other competitors in their quest to create the same type of technology for farming by a significant margin and more thanks to an extensive amount of research and advancements that are taking place in our high-tech labs.

The company doesn’t just offer an option for growing mushrooms vertically but also create the compost that is cultivated in it.

The technology, in turn promises to produce crops all year round with virtually no obstacles to overcome while managing the growth of mushrooms using it.

Vertical Farming in India

India has recently been in the spotlight for its latest technologies that are taking place across the globe.

Vertical farming is a one of a kind technology that is associated with agriculture where anyone who is interested can increase their production in smaller area and with less resources.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? It’s exactly what it is to us everyday as we work to improve the most effective practices for these kinds of agricultural technologies.

Through 3 years of experimentation and study, HOF made a design that allows we can ensure that our Farmers and Plant holder can produce a minimum of five to 10 times the amount of revolutionary output making use of our mushroom spawn as well as compost.

In-depth analysis of the data through our Asian Vertical farming communities, we’ve observed this method being utilized on foreign land, but not in the country of India.

Therefore, incorporating the methods into the process of cultivating mushrooms has led us to this point.

Put your money into India’s more promising future for agriculture

The Hy-tech Organic Farm (HOF) provide the spawn of mushrooms and compost that is developed in our high-tech laboratory to set up and cultivate the mushrooms in the structure developed and supervised by HOF group under the supervision of our expert team.

The investor will earn an annual fixed 50% return that is equal to the investment amount, without difficulty. Investors are required to supply land, money, electric supply and water usage at the location.

HOF will handle the remainder of the obligation including the sale, export cost, and transport.

The cultivation of mushrooms – Aiding Farmers Grow

Hy-tech Organics Farms (HOF) is an industrial facility that produces Polyhouse Cultivation solutions with the benefit of significant advancements in technology. Our business has quickly grown into a company with a strong technological support.

Beginning this year, the insurance industry for crop insurance will be privatized under the model. We are able to provide experience in the industry and can provide assistance for crop insurance, as well as satisfying solutions even in the most difficult conditions.

The development of mushrooms has turned into an enormous fare-situated industry and a huge, unexplored trade that has gained products and businesses for small league growers. Numerous universities and State-run Agribusiness branches as well as private individuals offer assistance in growing mushrooms, mainly, for export.


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