Mompreneur Pallavi Utagi is the CEO and the founder of SuperBottoms


Meet mompreneur Pallavi Utagi who is the CEO and Founder of SuperBottoms which is India’s No. 1 eco-friendly, reusable diapers for babies.

About Pallavi Utagi

Pallavi Utagi, Director of the company and founder SuperBottoms, is the CEO and Founder. SuperBottoms is the pioneer in developing the cloth diaper segment in the baby care category.

Her main interests are the environment-friendly, zero-waste lifestyle and gentle parenting. A marketer and engineer through education, her prior important contributions to the industry have included launching the brands i.can, i.pill and i-sure as well as working in the role of category director of the world’s top female hygiene Wash label, Lactacyd.

As an individual, Pallavi defines herself as a life-loving person who is eager exploring the diverse aspects of life. She puts a huge importance on “doing” things. Her ideal self-description is an analyzer, optimist open-minded, doer and optimist. Her passions include travel, reading, and exploring new places for take a bite to eat.

We’d like to know a bit about your self

My schooling was in Nashik from the 12th standard onwards. I completed my bachelors degree in engineering with a major in Electronics and Telecom from(Insert college) as well as an MMS in the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute for Management Studies.

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I worked for Infosys as an engineer of software for 2 years following my B.Ed. My first time in the realm of building brands was in 2009, when I joined the Pharmaceutical firm located in Bangalore to start the India branding division.

I also realized that building brand goes beyond marketing into supply, production operations, production and much more.

In the present I have around an 11-year experience within Brand Management and have managed and launched products that were sensitive in the in the field of female care.

How did you come up with the idea or concept you have for your business?

When I was six years old and was pregnant, I had two kinds of diapers: the disposable ones and the more traditional cloth langots.

I was exhausted and in need of some time off and using langots for the entire day was just not feasible for me. The first time I used disposable diapers,, but it caused him to itch and I realized that he has an irritable skin.

When I contacted others mothers I learned it is frequent problem for the majority of infants.

As well, both me as well as my husband were unhappy with the amount of diapers that we would throw into the trash every single day.

I started searching for alternatives. Cloth Diapers were already well-known throughout the US. I purchased a few there, but they weren’t suitable to Indian infants.

I came up with this suggestion – make cloth diapers that would be suitable for Indian infants and had Indian prints that were funny and adorable! In the end, I handed out some to friends with baby girls and they loved it! Then, before I knew it the product was being sold like hot cakes, and today, we’re here!

Which service(s) and/or product(s) are you able to provide?

 SuperBottoms is an award-winning and renowned cloth diapering business. SuperBottoms is a name for high-performance cloth diapers that are reusable They make them for babies as young as the time when the child is toilet trained.

They’re a skin-friendly environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative, and provide the advantages of a cloth as well as the functionality that a diaper can provide to infants.

SuperBottoms also manufactures other products for baby hygiene, such as organic cotton nappies, cushioned underwear to aid in the baby toilet training and other diapering-related accessories such as diaper bags that are waterproof, cloth bags backpacks.

What is special in your company?

We are the top brand in India to manufacture cloth diapers that are 100% natural. The brand is five years old, SuperBottoms has developed a extremely loyal customer base since its beginning and strives to create a brand new type of diaper and a mainstream product within India. Indian market.

The number of people are employed in your company?

There are approximately 30 people within the squad. The COVID events themselves we have recruited around 50% of the team.

The majority of our team worked at home since the very beginning of our company and it was easy to make the transition to the work-from-home scenario and to expand the team .

The Work From Home program was created by our company in order to provide opportunities to educated women seeking a balance in their job and family obligations after having a child. Our customer support team is situated across India.

What are your company’s objectives?

Cloth diapers are an emerging category and a mainstream within India. Indian market.

How can you create a loyal customers base?

An excellent product that exceeds anything customers have imagined from a product of their dreams.

A superb support team that really understands the needs of the customer They assist these in an compassionate way.

It’s also about staying loyal to the values of the company. When you do this, it shows throughout every interaction you share with customers.

What are some of your mistakes and what have you learned from these?

When we first launched our diapers at the beginning of 2014, we believed many things about the market but didn’t apply the necessary rigor in the same way.

It caused immediate copycats, and lots of heartburn. The lesson learned – distinguish or die.

Who was your biggest inspiration?

Seth Godin – he creates brands that tell stories. He uses the most practical approach to marketingthat is not often seen.

If you could give one tip for those who are just beginning out What do you think it would be?

Be a pillar of discipline and go the extra mile, even if you think that no one will notice. It’s the small things that matter at the end.

If you need assistance you can ask for help the startup community today, which is extremely supportive of anyone looking to make things happen.

Does your business help the community or the society?

Our business is focused on sustainability, from optimizing the use of raw materials, to recycling and upcycling efforts.

We are a thriving group of parents who also engage in initiatives like offering support to postpartum depression as well as a resale from our diapers to help those with lower incomes. It’s a vibrant community of over 35000 parents and growing daily.

We hope that you find this inspiring interview with Pallavi Utagi who is the CEO and Founder of SuperBottoms helpful and inspirational throughout your entrepreneurial journey . It will keep you motivated.

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