Market Research Companies: A Quick Recap

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The majority of medium to large corporations have their market research departments. These groups not only perform their research but also frequently outsource requests to specialized firms. There are around 250 market research firms in the United Kingdom alone, some of which specialize in small niche sectors. This article examines some of the most well-known market research firms operating throughout the world.

 ACNielsen is a component of The Nielsen Company and is a multinational marketing research organization. Nielsen ratings, which assess TV, radio, and print audiences in their respective media markets, are one of ACNielsen’s most well-known products. Homes can is another market research technique that allows spending habits to be linked to home demographics. 

 Forrester Research is a technology and market research firm that advises clients on the influence of technology on business and consumers. It provides syndicated technology research, quantitative market research on consumer technology adoption and company IT spending, as well as research-based consultancy and advisory services.  

GfK SE is a global market research company with five business divisions: Custom Research, Retail and Technology, Consumer Tracking, Media and Healthcare, and Custom Research. For operational and strategic marketing choices, the Custom Research sector provides data and consulting services. Retailer point-of-sale data is the primary source of information for the Retail and Technology industries. In addition, Clients receive information and advisory services based on retail data from ongoing surveys. The analyses of technological consumer products and services sales are in the retail sector. The Media Sector provides data on the extent, intensity, and character of media use and acceptability. The media is the source of data for the Media industry (point of media).

Ipsos MORI is the UK’s second-largest polling company. The organization’s UK website offers a publicly available archive of opinion polls and public attitude studies,& trends, dating to 1970. Ipsos MORI’s Social Research Institute works closely with the UK government. The Institute’s research focuses on issues such as identity, social cohesion, physical capital, and the impact of location on views. The firm’s other specializations include media, loyalty, marketing, and advertising research.

Marketing Research Tools for Businesses

Marketing research is a broad and developing field, and today’s businesses recognize that as technology advances, getting data on the go becomes simpler or at least more convenient. In the realm of marketing, more data provides a more convincing backbone for solid business decisions.

Here are some essential marketing research tools and applications.

Audio Bridging Platform – Any organization or group committed to marketing research should have a competent audio conferencing partner on hand. Allow your clients to listen in and observe while you link your moderators and responses. It’s critical to communicate ideas to and from all parties involved, therefore having an audio conferencing partner on hand is essential.

Web conferencing is a fantastic tool for imitating in-person interviews and even face-to-face focus groups when a more personal approach is required in your research strategy. Multiple people can take part in a virtual meeting, as well as the opportunity to share the camera and stimulus. Even when you move through various file-sharing choices, interviews, debates, and collaborative online meetings are effortless. Depending on the nature of the meeting or your strategy, this can be beneficial.

Software for Mobile Recording – Marketing research sometimes includes fieldwork or in-the-moment events, necessitating the use of mobile recording software or tools. Recorders could be taken anywhere, but having your recordings emailed to you or stored on a server is more interesting. The finest ones deliver transcripts of your recordings to your email address automatically.

Bulletin Board System –Asynchronous online focus group talks have been conducted using bulletin board systems since the late 1980s. Researchers have discovered its utility in a variety of applications and study designs as a result of its numerous qualities. Marketing research assistance businesses may provide you with online multimedia boards. You can locate manufacturers who can customize market research boards to your specifications.

Software for Surveys – Some businesses choose a more automated approach to data generation. They usually employ survey software to contact a huge number of people (ranging from hundreds to even thousands of participants). This application generates metrics automatically, providing you with a statistical database on responder demographics and replies to a certain topic.

No matter how important data acquisition is to generate insights, marketing research will always involve recording systems or processes. It’s ideal to have redundant data on hand as a backup and as a way to examine material down to the smallest level to make a credible research-based suggestion. Examples include audio recordings and transcripts. Always make sure you’re utilizing the correct platform for the job. In conclusion, to guarantee that everything goes smoothly and everyone participates in the project’s success, some people hire marketing research service providers to facilitate their research initiatives.

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