Long Domain Vs. Short Domain: Which One to Choose for Domain Registration?

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A domain name is the address of a website. It consists of two parts: the domain and the extension. The domain is what people will type into their browser to get to your site, and it’s usually the first part of your URL. The extension is what comes after that, and it tells you which type of site it is. It usually consists of the top-level domain (TLD) and the second-level domain.

The TLD is typically one of the following: .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, and .org. The second-level domain can be anything from a single word to a few words or even an acronym that stands for something like “finance” or “technology.”

But to make it belong to you, domain registration creates a big role. If you have not considered the registration, other people will also be able to use it. But let me tell you the major problem people face when considering registration. They get confused between long and short domain names.

Well, this happened to me, and that’s why I am sure you too will encounter it. Just hold on and go through this comparison between long and short domain names to get things clearly. Let’s get started!

Long domain name:

A long domain name is a domain name that is more than the usual length and can be over 100 characters. These names are not as common as shorter ones.

The use of long domain names has been limited to companies and organizations that have a specific need for them, such as academic institutions or businesses with a large number of products.

Advantages of choosing a long domain name:

  • It allows the user to sum up the organization working in one word.
  • The domain name can have the company name as well.
  • It turned out to be unique than a shorter domain.
  • It is helpful in making the store identity a little clearer.

Disadvantages of choosing a long domain name:

  • Not easy to pronounce.
  • Chances of typing errors are high.
  • Not appear to be friendly with mobile users.
  • Users do not like to type the longer domains in order to reach a particular portal.

Short domain name:

A short domain name is one that has fewer characters than most other domains. This could mean it has fewer letters in its TLD or fewer in its second-level domain.

Advantages of choosing a shorter domain name:

  • It can be conveyed easily to other users.
  • Less typing errors.
  • Turn out to be more brandable.
  • Best for all mobile users.
  • Straight to the point.
  • Easy to remember.
  • More website traffics.
  • Turn out to be very catchy.

Disadvantages of choosing a shorter domain:

  • Not easy to get because most people have registered for them easily.

Which one to choose, long or short, domain name?

Now the question is which one a user can choose. Well, first of all, do understand the need the domain will going to discuss.

For example, if it belongs to any academic institute, it is advisable to choose the long domains. But if you are just choosing to share the relevant information with others, then always choose the shorter domain.

Frankly speaking, I am in favor of shorter domain names because these are more concise, and their appearance is better than the longer ones. Users will be able to get it easily, and the website traffic gets ultimately boost up.

Note: The domain price depends on so many factors so whenever you buy a domain name, keep every factor in mind and then finalize it.

Final verdict:

Here I have discussed the long and short domain names in detail. Whenever you buy a domain, check out the availability and then finalize it. If the longer domain name goes well with your brand, you can choose that, and if not, then drop the idea and choose the shorter one. But in my recommendation, always go for a short one.

However, still, there is a possibility that you have no clarity concerning it, so visit PD HOSTING as I did and get the services from them. They will help you to get a cheap domain name easily that too, as per your preference!

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