Linksys Router Troubleshooting Techniques

Linksys Router Troubleshooting

Linksys is a reliable provider of top-notch routers that work seamlessly and offer smooth functioning. Still, if your Linksys router ceased working after a power outage or any other unforeseen scenario, then that case is inevitable. Once you experience power outages, everything that runs on an electric current shuts down and your router is no exception to that.

A minor power interruption isn’t the only thing that makes your router unable to function. Sometimes, going forward with a reset has the very same outcome. Since these issues are quite frequent, we’ve decided to compose a step-by-step guide that will tell you what to do in case your Linksys router is no longer working.

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Various Issues and the Methods of Linksys Router Troubleshooting:


Older version of adapter drivers

Your computer’s wireless adapter performs better if the drivers are updated. Wireless adapter’s compatibility with Wireless – AC, N, G, A or B standards should also be taken into consideration. Get in touch with your hardware manufacturer for complete specifications of your wireless adapter. You can also check the connectivity of other wireless devices that are included in the network. The router should not be troubling you if all other devices have good wireless connectivity to the network.


Distance from the router

The distance between your wireless adapter and router can impact your internet speed. A general rule is that if you double the distance between the router and client (or device), the efficiency decreases by one-third of its original strength.To obtain a strong signal, remove those objects which lie amidst your router and system that may be hindering wireless waves.


Wireless MAC Filter enabled on the router

Most Linksys routers have Wireless MAC Filter feature. Its aim is to limit the number of wireless clients that will be allowed to connect to the wireless network. This filter has to be set to reap the benefits of it, and for more effective working.

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Outdated router firmware

Firmware updates fix bug issues on a router. If all of your wireless systems and devices are having problems connecting to the wireless network, then you have to consider the option of updating the router’s firmware.

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