Licious became the most renowned online Meat and Quality chicken Store in India


Licious Startup Story

The summer of the year 2015, Abhay Hanjura as well as Vivek Gupta worked on their last year’s project at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.

In the past there were not many good online stores selling meat in India. The only options available were butcher shops or supermarkets that sold low-quality poultry and meat products for a price that was high.

They were able to come up with an idea for an enterprise, but were unsure if it could work. They decided to try it in the end.

Their jobs were resigned, they collected money from family members and friends, and then started LiciousOnline – a meat and chicken shop in India.

The How Licious startup that is disrupting the $10 billion Meat Industry, is Making an Impact

Licious began small. They only served some areas in Delhi in the capital city and NCR. However, they soon grew and started delivering to larger areas across India.

The present, Licious is the leading online meat and chicken retailer in India. They have a variety of goods such as lamb tikka masala and chicken chops. They also offer the satisfaction guarantee of 100%.

What happened to Licious begin?

Licious was founded in the year 2015 . It was founded by Abhay Hanjura along with partner in the founding Vivek Gupta. Both were working in the food industry , and saw the opportunity to revolutionize the way that people buy chicken and meat in India.

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They discovered that there was a massive demand for quality, fresh meat, but that the current system was not efficient and often led to food in the trash.

Licious was developed to tackle these issues and offer the best shopping experience to Indian customers.

The company is now the most popular online store for meat and poultry in India and offers a broad range of products and exceptional customer service.

What happened to Licious develop?

Since its beginning, Licious has experienced incredible growth. In 2016 the company has raised $25 million through Series B capital, which was led by Tiger Global Management.

Then came the $30 million Series C round in 2018 which was that was led by Vertex Ventures. Licious has secured 75 million, making it one of the most rapidly growing businesses in India.

What is it that makes Licious different?

There are a variety of elements which make Licious different from its competitors. First, it offers an extensive range of items which include meat, poultry seafood, vegetarian products.

The second reason is that Licious will continue to serving fresh, premium food items. The products are sourced from local farms. The company follows a rigorous quality control procedure.

Third Licious provides a great shopping experience. The site is simple to navigate and the delivery service is speedy and reliable There are many payment options to choose from.

What are the reasons to choose Licious?

There are many reasons that Licious is the top option for poultry and meat. First, they offer an extensive selection of items and unique items aren’t available at other shops.

The second reason is that Licious is dedicated to quality and freshness. All products are sourced from farms in the area, and the company follows a rigorous process for quality control.

Third Licious is a fantastic shopping site. The site is simple to navigate, and delivery times are quick and reliable There are a variety of payment options.

Fourth Licious can be found at a reasonable price. Prices are similar to the prices at other supermarkets, however you can get more value for your money because all the meat is fresh and high quality.

The final point is that Licious is easy to use. You can make a purchase via the internet or mobile app, and then the foods will then be shipped directly to your doorstep.

Licious has grown significantly from their humble beginnings in the year 2015. What began as a tiny business is now the largest meat retailer online in India.

They’ve revolutionized the method by which Indians purchase meat and they are showing no signs that they are slowing their pace. Licious is an excellent illustration of how online shopping can simplify and make shopping more convenient for shoppers.

By pressing one button, you’ll receive fresh, top-quality chicken and meat delivered right to your door. With their 100 100% satisfaction assurance you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality possible product.

Abhay and Vivek’s story is an excellent illustration of how entrepreneurship can lead to opportunities and transform lives.

They founded Licious by conceiving an idea, and lots of work. And they’re changing the ways Indians purchase meat. We are proud of their achievements and wish them the best in the coming years. Thank you for taking the time to read!

If you’re in search of an enjoyable and easy method to purchase meat then look no further than Licious. With their vast selection of meat products and their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re searching for the finest chicken and meat in India, Licious is the most obvious option. With a broad selection of items, a commitment to freshness and high-quality, and a great shopping experience. Licious provides everything you require. In addition, the prices are reasonable and delivery is quick..

What are you sitting to do? Go to their website and place an order for your favorite cuts of meat now. Thanks for reading! Check out the Website  for the most up-to-date items and specials.

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