Know More Before Purchasing a Bunk Bed for Kids


It’s a lot of fun to imagine constructing a new kids’ room and purchasing a brand-new set of bunk beds for them. Parenting may be hard for parents who don’t know where to begin

There are several options for children’s bunk beds on the market nowadays. There are many factors to consider when buying a bunk bed online in India, so specialists were on hand to guide parents in India. To help parents choose the right bunk bed with storage for their children, we’ve included a few pointers to keep in mind.

When It Comes To The Bedroom

To begin with, the size of the bedroom is a significant factor to keep in mind. People should be given more time to estimate the accessible area accurately. Parents who have no idea how to measure a wooden bunk bed space may get help from specialists. Closet doors, windows, and more must all be considered by the parents.

To choose the ideal location for a children’s bunk bed with storage. A blank barrier would be created in a perfect world, leaving all of the doors and windows unobstructed. The bunk bed may be fitted horizontally, allowing for more excellent floor space in many cases. Parents may consider a corner bunk bed for kids if the room is too small for a full-size bed

T-shaped bunk beds are preferred by most parents, which implies that the lowest bunk’s headboard will rest against a barrier. And the footboard will be situated in the center of the children’s room. When there is a lot of room on the floor, this will be a great option. Most parents choose a standard bunk bed with storage to optimize their bedroom’s floor space

Parents should think about the bunk bed’s other features while deciding. So, for example, whether they want a straighter ladder or not, and if they’re going with an associated stairway to the bunk bed for adults, they must have safety railings on both sides of the Bank bed. Before parents begin making decisions, they must be aware of the amount of space they have in their child’s room to deal with first.

Parenting advice: Write down the measurements of your children’s bedrooms, including their heights and widths. The dimension of the bottom bunk bed ranges from 60 cm to 62 cm on average. As a result, the triple-stack bunk beds may be between 90 and 92 cm high. However, there are many options both inside and outside of these two options.

As a result, parents should know how much headroom they have to work with. There is a lot of information in the description box of the chosen wooden bunk bed about the necessary ceiling height for that bed. As a result, knowing the specifics and dimensions ahead of time will be a massive, massive help to the people.

What Is The Bunk Bed Used For?

Bunk beds may now provide a lot more than simply a place to sleep with the fantastic alternatives available on the Craftatoz website. A few double as additional storage, workspace, and even a bed for visitors. Many may even be unfolded to provide a play area for the children. Such are bunk beds with a built-in playhouse and bunk beds with built-in slides. Because the bunk bed for adults may be used for more than simply sleeping, the parents must determine their specific needs.

For Whom Is The Bunk Bed Intended?

The number of children sleeping in the bunk bed for kids is an essential consideration for the parents. Some families have only one child, while others have four or more. A person’s jaw will drop when they learn just how far this form of furniture has progressed. There are no limits to what may be achieved now.

The bunk bed should be considered even if the parents are working with a customized wooden bunk bed for their children, such as Craftatoz, since they provide any design that will suitably match the customers’ needs. What is the age of their children? As a last consideration, parents need to know whether their children are ready for a doll bunk bed or if they want to start with something a little lower to the ground.

The parents must also determine the structure of the stages. Their children can securely climb the angled or straight ladder to get to the higher bunk, and they need to be aware of this. Every step of the staircase may be used as a storage drawer by the parents if they like. It is up to the parents to choose an appropriate design for their child or children.

How Big Is This?

The twin-sized bunk beds are no longer the sole option. XL queen and king sizes are now available from Craftatoz. However, parents should consider the age of their children while obsessing about the size of a bunk bed. It’s also a good idea for them to think about how many youngsters and maybe adults could use this piece of furniture in their bedrooms. Queen size bunk beds, XL bunk beds, or the Classic Twin Bunk Bed are all options that parents may pick from if they need more room for their children (as well as teens and adults).


Bunk beds are an excellent option to save on both space and money. Because of the wide range of alternatives, bunk beds are popular among children and adults. There is a wide range of options for these beds, including safety and storage options.

It’s not difficult or time-consuming to locate the ideal bunk bed for you or your kid. We’ve covered several things to bear in mind while buying a bunk bed in this piece. I hope it is helpful. All of Craftatoz’s bunk beds are built with safety as their first concern. They make a full wood bunk bed that parents can depend on for their children’s safety.

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