Know About the 15 Blooms that Have a Long Life


Let’s be honest about it. Flowers are loved by the majority, if not all, of us. Flowers have an innocent beauty to them that we can’t get enough of. Both their aroma and appearance deserve credit. Flowers are something we like both giving and receiving. In fact, as a sort of home decor, we like to keep plants in our home. Potted Plants and Flower Plants are easy to find online these days, as you probably already know. Every time you need to send flowers online to express your immense feelings from the heart. On that point, if you’re looking for the world’s longest-lasting flower, check out the top ten flowers with the longest vase life.




Allium blossoms are striking and architectural, and they make excellent cut flowers, lasting up to two weeks. This flower is thought to symbolise luck, unity, and patience.



In a vase, alstroemerias, commonly known as Peruvian lilies, can last up to two weeks. These lily-like flowers come in a variety of hues, and their petals frequently include extra patterns like dots or streaks.



In a vase, delphiniums can last for a week or two. Lavender, blue, pink, purple, red, and white are among of the colors available for this stunning flower.


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4.Eryngium (Sea Holly)

The Eryngium, also known as Sea Holly, is a sculptural bloom that resembles a thistle in appearance. Cut Eryngium flowers, according to the RHS, survive a long time and can be dried and used in winter arrangements.



Freesias are a popular cut flower alternative because of their lovely scent. According to Bloom and Wild, when freesias are properly cared for, they can last for weeks.



Because of its tall, pointed leaves, gladioli are sometimes known as sword lilies. If properly looked for, these flowers can last for up to a week or more in a vase.



Lavender flowers, unlike the other flowers on our list, can be dried out and kept in your home. Allow the lavender flowers to dry out instead of placing them in a vase with water, and they will last for months, if not years.



In a vase, lilies, which are noted for their fragrant blossoms, can last up to three weeks. Lilies have diverse meanings depending on the variety, but they all symbolize purity and fertility.


9.Pampas grass

Pampas grass is a popular interior design concept that is made up of creamy white fluffy plumes. Pampas grass, once dried, can persist for months within your home.



Roses last around a week in a vase, but there are techniques to extend the life of this flower. To help your roses survive longer, trim their stems, prune their leaves, and remove the roses’ guard petals. You can even order roses online to surprise your loved ones on a special occasion.



With careful care, sunflowers can last up to 12 days in a vase. These beautiful yellow flowers represent longevity, devotion, and adoration, and are ideal for brightening someone’s day.



Zinnias come in a wide range of colors, from pastels to brilliant bursts, making them a great choice for any arrangement. Many zinnia types will last seven to twelve days in a vase.


13.Balloon flowers

Balloon flowers provide that desirable shade of blue that works well in any garden design while avoiding the fussy requirements that certain blue flowers have. These flowers, which are native to China, can withstand a wide range of temperatures and circumstances in full sun or partly shady environments.


14.Black eyed Susan

Rudbeckia plants, which are often confused with daisies, are the Asteraceae family’s later-blooming, longer-living cousins. Although the basic gold flowers of plants like this ‘Goldsturm’ variety are prevalent in garden centres, you can also find lovely burgundy and orange toned versions, as well as fluffy doubles that serve as long-lasting stand-ins for zinnias and dahlias.



Hybrid tulips and hyacinths attract a lot of attention in the spring garden, but they’re also among the shortest-lived perennial bulbs. Choose hardy daffodils instead, which will expand over time to establish a lovely naturalised colony in your flowerbeds or in the wild areas of your land.


Choose these and save the money for luxuriant hanging baskets or container plants in later growing seasons.



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