Kickboxing is one of the best ways of workout there is and by the immense popularity of various mixed martial art platforms, we can understand that kickboxing is here to stay. It is not a wild concept to think about kickboxing for body toning is perfect because kickboxing exercise benefits are immense.

Not only that there are various cardio kickboxing benefits as well as benefits of kickboxing workouts that outshines any other type of workout there is. The best part about this is that it will not only be a motivating fitness routine for you but will also allow you to understand and learn various martial art techniques and reduce stress and burn calories in the process.

Let us find out the various benefits of cardio kickboxing workout as well as general kickboxing and understand what kind of a body workout kickboxing will be able to achieve for you and find out how your fitness goals will be met with kickboxing.


There are various health benefits of kickboxing and one of the health benefits that people forgot to mention is the mental health benefit that comes with kickboxing. Kickboxing is an excellent sport that will help you improve your fitness levels and will also help you attain a professional fighter level of agility. From improving your agility as well as your overall body strength and fitness kickboxing exercises and kickboxing fitness benefits are immense because it is a practical form of self-defence. In order to reach this level of self-defence, one has to get fit and that is possible by kickboxing and doing all these is an excellent way to boost your confidence levels.


It is difficult to not lose weight with kickboxing because the sport is so energetic that kickboxing exercises for weight loss are a perfect pair and that is a well-known fact. Various experts as well as athletes who are engaged in the fitness community have deemed kickboxing good for weight loss. It is estimated that kickboxing practitioners of moderate speciality can lose between 300 to 400 calories every hour when they are practising kickboxing. This is much higher compared to any other type of cardio workout or any type of exercise. There is no need for any cross-training workout if you are doing kickboxing because it is a full-body workout designed to help you learn self-defence through sheer hard work and dedication. The level of agility that is required in kickboxing will ensure that there is a growth in muscle strength and muscle mass and a decrease in fat in your body.


Strength is multidimensional and one of the best ways to gain strength is to believe in your body and its ability. If your body is capable of defeating an attacker with just kicks instead of any weapons or punches then that will be an excellent tool for mental health and a confidence booster. Numerous studies have shown that an increase in confidence levels directly equates to better strength and more muscle development in the body. As the old saying goes that if you believe in something then there is nothing impossible in the world and the same goes for kickboxing because if you are able to kick something that is at a height of 6 feet without much thought and defend yourself then your strength is bound to go off the charts.


Strength is often confused with endurance and they are quite different if we look into it. Strength is what your body can project at a single moment and it does not equate to how your body can maintain this strength over a long period of time. If you take the example of bodybuilders and people who dead-lift then their strength is much higher compared to people who do kickboxing but if you analyse their endurance levels were in how long they are able to maintain this endurance then you will find that kickboxing professionals outshine any other sport. Kickboxing is a sport of learning to control your endurance and breath and this is also the sport wherein you understand how to conserve your energy and bring out that energy whenever there is a need. This philosophy of controlling your energy and being able to deliver it is what makes kickboxing one of the best sports for endurance training.


If you ask any adult out there then 9 times out of 10 they will say that they are stressed and this stress can come from their jobs to their businesses and even their personal life. Stress is nothing to feel sorry about and stress can be controlled. One of the answers to stress is bringing out this stress in the form of energy and one of the best ways to channel this energy is to be able to transform your legs into iron bars that can kick heavy sandbags. Kickboxing is probably one of the best stress relievers out there and this philosophy is ingrained in the mind of a kickboxer. It is very rare that you will find a kickboxer who seems genuinely angry or under stress because they are not and while they might experience stress within, they know how to keep it under control until the real time comes. Stress is an incredible tool and with kickboxing, you will be able to channelize this stress into one of the best forms of self-defence.


Kickboxing is excellent for your cardiovascular and heart health simply for the fact that it is a high-intensity workout that is practical. Kickboxing will help you pump your blood in an effective manner wherein you will be able to control your hypertension as well as your heart fat. Heart fat is something that people don’t talk about but it is the leading cause of heart attacks wherein fat gets accumulated within the arteries and veins, a high-intensity workout such as kickboxing will be able to diffuse this fat along with the rest of the fat in your body and will help tone your body to the level of a professional kickboxer that you see on TV.

So, here were a few ways in which kickboxing will allow you to tone your body and have an effective workout schedule. Not only that, kickboxing will allow you to master one of the finest self-defence disciplines in the world and tone down your body and lose unwanted body fat. If you are someone who is willing to learn kickboxing and not only that and also get an effective workout simply by practising these from the safety and comfort of your home then we at Martial Art Extreme are here to help you. We are the leading martial arts fitness program in India wherein we offer multiple online martial arts training programs for you to choose from. Train with us today and learn kickboxing and every other form of effective martial art.


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