Kailash Katkar: Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Quick Heal Technologies


The story of success from Kailash Katkar, Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Quick Heal Technologies will inspire you.

You may have were aware of the inspiring successful story about Kailash Katkar who was a school dropout who created Quick Heal. We hope that you will be able to be entertained by the story of his success.

Who is Kailash Katkar?

Kailash Katkar is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Quick Heal Technologies, the most renowned cyber Security company as well as IT Security solutions supplier in India.

Quick heal Technologies is offering IT Security solutions and Anti-Virus solutions that are based out of India.

In the present, Quick heal Technologies is providing anti-virus solutions to majority of the major nations like Japan, the Middle East, the USA, Japan and many others.

Kailash Katkar Early Life

Kailash Katkar was born in 1966 into an average Maharashtrian family from Rahmitapur which is a tiny village located in Maharashtra and was raised in Pune.

His father was an engineer at Philips India. Her mother worked as a housekeeper. His father dreamed about his son being an engineer. After that, his family relocated to Pune. Kailash Katkar has two brothers Asha as well as Sanjay.

Education & Career

Kailash was an ordinary student, who never was in schoolwork. Kailash quit school due to failing the ninth grade of Children’s Academy High School. Kailash is not a professional qualifications.

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Assisting the family

Kailash was employed at a local computer and repair shop for radios at a young age to help the financial needs of his parents.

Kailash began working as a technician for calculators at an area repair shop for calculators and radios with a salary of Rs. 400 per month.

Kailash began his business venture by fixing his radio as well as his calculator. He set up his own calculator and radio repair shop, along with a capital investment of the sum of Rs. 15,000 of his savings in 1990.

At first, he would repair a smaller posting machine, computer as well as a variety of other machines. Kailash began doing maintenance on computers.

The foundation stone

Kailash inspired his brother to pursue a career in computer science. In the following years, Sanjay, his brother completed the Bachelor degree in Computer Science (BCS).

Alongside, Kathar began to read and started improving his skills. He began attending short-term computer classes that later established the basis to Quick Heal.

Sanjay His younger brother, graduated from high school in 1990 and decided to pursue electronic engineering.

Sanjay Katkar completed a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) and later completed an Master of Computer Application (MCA).

In BCA BCA, Sanjay used to visit his computer repair shop to practice programming.

Kailash Katkar gave the suggestion to Sanjay to come up with a solution to eliminate malware without formatting disk. Sanjay Katkar started working real on the project.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Because of the price the cost of antivirus software was prohibitive for many people purchasing antivirus software. In the early days, antivirus software was sold for between 10000-12000.

They’d prefer to donate their computer to a technician. Sanjay started researching on it.

At the time, the majority of the technicians in computers or hardware engineers were required to format the hard drives of computers and then install DOS.

Then, Sanjay created antivirus software to eliminate Michelangelo viruses from computers.

Sanjay continued to develop new tools for removing other viruses that are harmful to his own company CAT Computer Services.

This was the first step on his business venture.

What’s the story Behind Quick Heal?

Kailash would go to offices and homes to seek the virus inside the computer and then heal it by hand.

Slowly, Kailash realized that visiting every office and home will be tiring over the next few years.

Kailash started working with their clients who are regulars. They called it Quick Heal. The company changed its name from “CAT Computer Services” to “Quick Heal Technologies” in the past decade.

Kailash Katkar started installing antivirus software on his customers’ computers at no cost. He informed his clients about the software for antivirus.

Kailash helped his customers run the antivirus program to safeguard their computers from dangerous virus.

In the following days, customers were appreciating his efforts and the value-added servicethat was completely free. Customers gave him suggestions on how to develop antivirus software.

Quick Heal’s Foundation

The antivirus program was getting increasingly popular. However, the major issue was that he wasn’t earning money.

But, Kailash Katkar had no prior experience in marketing and does think he knows how market Antivirus software.

Thus, he faced the daunting task of figuring out how to promote antivirus software to the market.
Thus, he began to search for a for market experts who could help him to market its antivirus product directly to the market.

What’s a Quick Heal?

Quick Heal is an IT security solutions firm and antivirus software provider security software that is developed for tablets, Mac, PC, and more. The company is headquartered at Pune, India.

After the development of an antivirus program and it was then that the CAT Computer Service centre received the name Quick Heal Pvt Ltd.

The company sells antivirus tools and software directly and is available through the accessories and hardware for computers shop.

The Story of Growth of Quick Heal

The initial Quick Heal anti-virus was software made available in 1994 on DOS. The company launched its Win 3.1 version in 1995.

Quick Heal launched Windows 95 antivirus software in 1996 at about Rs. 700. It was well received in the Indian market and was the cheapest of his rivals.

The company was earning an annual turnover of more than Rs 12 lakh as of 1996-97. Sanjay his brother was a part of the company and was working to create better versions of their most popular antivirus software.

Quick Heal was an instant success due to its top price and service. The year 1998 saw Quick Heal launched its own website www.quickheel.com 

In 2002, the company witnessed a tremendous growth in its operations and moved to a 2,000 square foot workplace in Pune for about Rs. 25 lakhs. They also had the first branch was established in Nasik in 2003.

The company was founded in 2006 and entered into an agreement in 2006 with Microsoft Corporation. In 2007 Microsoft Corporation started selling Quick Heal antivirus along together with the Genuine Windows XP.

In 2010 Quick Heal received an investment by Sequoia Capital, an American private equity firm.

Today, Quick Heal Technologies has more than 20 million customers in 112+ countries with greater than 15,000 employees. Quick Heal Technologies has become an internationally recognized brand.

The story of success that is Kailash Katkar provides a lesson course for any entrepreneur and future startups.

Kailash Katkar teaches us that the tenet of sticking to one’s roots while evolving from there is an extremely successful strategy!

Kailash Katkar is a big source of inspiration for us all. Entrepreneurs looking to become successful entrepreneurs His inspiring story will help you find an innovative idea.

Kailash Katkar’s journey to entrepreneurship is nothing short of an inspirational story. We wish you to discover the most inspiring success story of Indian entrepreneurs.  Boingam  wishes you the best of luck and wishes you the same success in the pursuit of success.

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