IT human resources development

certificate 4 in information technology
certificate 4 in information technology

On May 12, 2022, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education added Arakawa Technical High School and Fuchu Technical High School to the schools implementing the digital human resources development project “certificate 4 in information technology”, and announced the conclusion of an agreement with partner companies. It will be started on a trial basis at the implementing school and will be fully implemented from 2023.

Certificate 4 in information technology focuses on STEM, vocational education, and technology education, and is deployed in 28 countries around the world as an educational model in which companies participate widely. Abbreviation for Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools. The Tokyo P-TECH business will implement the same efforts as P-TECH, aiming to connect 3 years of technical high school and 2 years of vocational school, and with the support of IT companies, IT in a 5-year educational program.

Participation from Cisco Systems

We are engaged in efforts such as training human resources, supporting students and students going on to higher education, and improving the learning environment. A consortium was established in October 2020, with participation from Cisco Systems, certificate 4 in information technology, and IBM Japan. Since 2021, it has been implemented in earnest at Machida Technical High School and Hachioji College of Engineering, Japan.

This time, it was announced that it will be implemented on a trial basis at Arakawa Technical High School and Fuchu Technical High School as a full-scale program from 2023. The companies and vocational schools that cooperate with Arakawa Technical High School are Uchida Human Resources Development Center, Softbank, free, and Japan Electronics College. At Fuchu Technical High School, Salesforce Japan and Hachioji College of Engineering, Japan will collaborate.

High School abolishes recommendation

On May 12, 2022, the Tottori Prefectural Board of Education announced the policy and schedule for selecting students for Tottori Prefectural High School in 2023. In Tottori Prefecture, a new entrance examination will be introduced in 2023. The conventional selection of recommended enrollees will be abolished and the selection of special enrollees will be started. The inspection dates are February 3, 2023, for feature selection and March 7th and 8th for general selection.

The Tottori Prefectural Board of Education will abolish the conventional selection of cert 4 it recommended enrollees from the 2023 high school entrance examination and start a new selection of special enrollees to secure opportunities for students with a stronger sense of purpose. In the selection of special enrollees, since the applicant’s sense of purpose and independence are more important, junior high school students will be able to independently select the application school and take the examination.

Selected the school of their choice based

In addition to the “education to aim for”, each high school has shown “the image of the desired student” to further characterize and make it attractive, and junior high school students have selected the school of their choice based on these factors, and have made enthusiastic efforts and efforts. You will be able to take the examination while keeping it alive.

The recruitment number for the special enrollment selection is within 50% of the recruitment capacity for all departments/courses, and the ratio is determined for each department/course of the implementing school. In ordinary departments, the number of applicants for recommended enrollment selection will increase significantly from within 20%. No recommendation from the junior high school director is required.

Anyone can apply if they make an effort toward the “desired student image” and meet the requirements. When applying, it is necessary to submit a “reason for aspiration (self-promotion)” in addition to the application form and search form. In addition to conducting interviews or oral examinations for all, the test is conducted by selecting one or more from academic ability tests, writing, essays, and presentations. Comprehensively evaluate the examinee’s “awareness of purpose,” “ability to learn,” “thinking ability, judgment ability, expressive ability, etc.”

listening ability/listening ability and writing

Another change in the selection of general enrollees is that the English listening examination time has been extended from the conventional 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Ask not only “listening ability” but also “listening ability/listening ability and writing ability”. The English scholastic ability test time will be 60 minutes as it is now.

As for the entrance examination schedule for 2023, the selection of special enrollees will accept applications on January 26th and 27th, 2023, inspect on February 3rd, and announce the results on February 10th. For general enrollment selection, applications will be accepted from February 16th to 20th, examinations will be conducted on March 7th and 8th (scholastic ability examination will be conducted on March 7th), and acceptance will be announced on March 16th.

If you are absent due to unavoidable reasons such as influenza, the additional inspection will be conducted on March 13, and the inspection by special measures will be conducted on March 27 if you are infected with the new coronavirus or cannot take the examination due to close contact.

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