Is NopCommerce Hosting free and easy to use for beginners?

NopCommerce Hosting
NopCommerce Hosting

NopCommerce Hosting

NopCommerce hosting is an e-commerce system that is both simple and free to use! With multi-language compatibility and mobile device support, NopCommerce is the e-commerce solution for many Winhost hosting clients.

It is an on-premise e-commerce online store management solution targeted at small to medium-sized retail organizations. It provides mobile commerce, multi-store support, vendor administration, marketing, shipping, and payment processing within a single suite. The product serves the physical and digital products marketplaces.

In addition, it includes marketing management, allowing users to implement reward-based loyalty programs based on client spending. The program also allows users to establish rules for offering “similar items” suggestions to consumers. Hosting NopCommerce includes marketing management, allowing users to implement reward-based loyalty programs based on client spending. The program also allows users to establish rules for offering “similar items” suggestions to consumers.

NopCommerce Hosting is free and easy to use for beginners

NopCommerce is the best and most configurable shopping cart application to use with your e-Commerce hosting. It’s dependable and comes highly recommended. NopCommerce is an open-source e-commerce solution built on ASP.NET 4.5 (MVC 4) with an MS SQL 2005 (or higher) backend database and many hosting options.

  1. Completely Free

One of the amazing features of NopCommerce is that it is absolutely free. There is no hidden transaction and monthly fee cost.

  1. One-Click Installer

The hosting business offers comprehensive features, such as personalizing your hosting panel with a one-click installation and simply installing NopCommerce hosting apps from your control panel.

  1. SEO Friendly

It is the finest hosting application for SEO Friendly NopCommerce hosting apps. If you need to make your site more search engine friendly, this hosting software is for you. Using these capabilities, you’ll see that NopCommerce was designed to assist your clients in readily finding your location via a search engine.

  1. Extensibility and adaptability

You may get a variety of hosting options by using NopCommerce Hosting. The NopCommerce is beneficial for its modular and comprehensive extra functionality and some presentation components that may be dynamically added to the program at run-time.

  1. Checkout on One Page

You may check out conveniently, quickly, and safely using easy payment methods. In addition, many hosting firms offer a variety of payment gateways to all of their customers.

  1. Entirely Open Source Code

NopCommerce is the greatest open-source solution for app hosting. This open-source is an e-commerce system that anybody may use and download for free.

Remarkable Features of NopCommerce Web Hosting

  • All PHP 4 versions are supported.
  • All features are activated by default for a fully functional out-of-the-box solution.
  • Object-oriented backend (MS3).
  • Completely multilingual, having English, German, and Spanish as standard.
  • It supports an infinite number of goods and categories.
  • Support in several languages.
  • Automatic installation and updating through the web browser.
  • All unlimited hosting options include cheap Plesk Control Panel Addons such as Static IP and SSL.
  • Servers in the United States with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Disk Space Is Unlimited.
  • Email Accounts indefinitely.
  • Unrestricted Bandwidth.
  • No advertisements on your NopCommerce hosting.
  • Dependable and bug-free and can modify favicon icon.

Why choose NopCommerce Hosting Solution?

NopCommerce is a small yet reputable eCommerce platform that powers over 16,000 online websites. Built on Microsoft’s free ASP.NET open-source web framework, it is feature-rich and free to download and use, assuming users have the expertise to implement it or the means to pay someone who does. In addition, it is extremely popular outside of the United States, with slightly over half of the websites it powers being situated outside of the country.

Furthermore, the community forum offers free assistance. White-labeling, premium support services, and the partnership program are all available for an additional price. Until 2014, the documentation could only be downloaded for a fee, but it is now free.

NopCommerce has an active user and development community that supports other users, donates code, plugins, and other extensions, and helps with roadmap planning. It now has over 140 partners in 140 countries who offer bespoke development, visual theme design, and other services. The current marketplace has thousands of plugins and themes. NopCommerce is available in 56 languages.


If you are getting on track with your new website and need NopCommerce Hosting, you need not be concerned since Navicosoft offers an unlimited plan with a simple and straightforward first setup. Navicosoft is a NopCommerce hosting specialist providing the best hosting solutions for over a decade. With our regular Windows hosting packages, we provide NopCommerce hosting to make our clients’ lives easier. Moreover, we provide an easy-to-use Plesk panel with our NopCommerce web hosting services. It entails hosting your website and Plesk account so that your NopCommerce Shopping Cart functions smoothly and without problems.

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