Is It Safe to Choose MBOX to PST Converter Online Tool?


Are you looking for MBOX to PST converter online tool? If yes, you have to know all the preparations and precautions before applying the conversion to the MBOX file.

Because, if you do not know completely about it, your choice is completely useless and it also affects your precious mailbox.

About Online MBOX to PST Converter Tool

A coder makes an application robust and applies highly advanced algorithms to it. So that, users can take advantage of it and conversion can make it trouble-free and error-free.

MBOX to PST converter online for MBOX is a similar way built, but it is online which means you will need a strong internet connection to use it. Here we have to be conscious of online flaws and errors which can come anytime.

What do you need before using the online MBOX converter tool?

  • If you decide to use MBOX to PST Converter tool online, first take a strong and high-speed internet connection
  • Second, keep the power service permanently so that your conversion is not interrupted in the middle.
  • Third and final, start with a single or small mailbox so that the migration process is slightly faster and then goes to large or bulk.

Precaution before using online MBOX to PST Converter

  • Be sure to make a backup of the mailbox before adaptation
  • Consult the company’s support team on the necessary things like data safety and recovery of the mailbox.
  • Also search the offline MBOX converter tool, if the online service does not work.

Why offline MBOX to PST converter is the best?

There are a lot of offline solutions available in the online market that gives you a simple way to load and export data. The plus point of using it is that you do not need an internet connection to load, convert and store data. It is very easy for a novice and technical user, as well as your data, to stay with you.

When you search and find the MBOX to PST converter tool online then don’t forget to list out some popular tools.

Benefits of offline MBOX to PST converter tool

  • If you select an offline solution then you get multiple features and options to migrate mailboxes from Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Netscape, etc.
  • You can check the preview before exporting the mailbox.
  • Large mailboxes can also be loaded and exported.
  • Multiple conversion options like PST, Office 365, EML, MSG, Live Exchange, PDF, etc.
  • No internet
  • You can try the free demo before purchase

Recommended MBOX File Converter tool for mailboxes

After reading this post, if you change your mind then I want to suggest you try MailsDaddy MBOX to PST Converter tool.

This single solution is built on a simple GUI interface so that a technical and non-technical user can easily transfer mailbox from MBOX to Outlook PST, Office 365, EML, MSG. etc. The software holds mail formatting, inline images, attachments, folders, subfolders, etc. in PST. You can implement the software on any MBOX-based email client such as Gmail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

Procedure to use MBOX Converter Tool on Mailbox

  • Download and Install: Go to the official site of MBOX to PST Converter Tool and click on Free Download. Once you have downloaded it, you can install it on any Windows OS.
  • Launch and Activate: Double-click the tool to open it and then activate the demo or full version.
  • Add a file: Click the Add File button to the left of the red ribbon, and then browse for the MBOX file.
  • Conversion Options: The software offers 3 types of migration: batch, filter, and selective.
  1. For batch: Directly click on the Export button to convert all MBOX files to Outlook PST at once.
  2. For Filter: Click on the Search Mail button and search email by given properties like To, From, Has, etc.
  3. For Selective: Check mailbox-related mail and then hit on save selected.
  • Select PST. Once you have decided on the method, then choose the PST file format.
  • Export: Select a single or separate PST for all MBOX and then press the Export button.

Alternative Program

  1. QuickMigrations for MBOX to PST Converter
  2. SysBud MBOX to PST Converter


Here I have described how you can use MBOX to PST converter online safely. Although there may be risk involved you can try it if you are sure about it. On the other hand, I have also told you the best offline solution to export MBOX files to PST, Office 365, and various other popular formats which have been used by many users worldwide till now.


Is online MBOX to PST converter safe?

Yes, it’s safe as long as they take responsibility for your mailbox.

Can I use offline tools after using MBOX Converter online?

Yes, you can use it, if you have made a backup of the MBOX file. Usage data in online tools may be corrupted after use.

Can I try the free demo before I buy it?

Yes, you can try the free demo version of the solution before you buy.

Is there any size limit for files in online software?

If you are trying online tools, then contact the company support team. Because it’s not a problem in offline tools.


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