Is it Possible to Convert an OST File to a PST File using PowerShell?

Convert an OST File to a PST

No, there isn’t a PowerShell command that can convert an OST file to a PST. The main issue is that Microsoft Outlook does not disclose any OST files in.NET frames. As a result, PowerShell cannot construct anything, thus users must either use the manual technique or hire a professional to convert an OST file to PST format.

Outlook files, such as OST and PST, are useful for both personal and professional purposes. Both formats provide distinct functions. Furthermore, we will supply you with information on converting OST files to Outlook PST format in this article.

What are The Advantages of Convert an OST File to a PST?

The Outlook PST file format is a well-known file format that is used by a large number of people. Users convert their OST files to Outlook PST format using the following steps:

Users can access their data offline using the PST file format.

Getting the files back

Users’ information may be simply saved in the Outlook PST file format.

There are numerous other reasons to convert an OST file to a PST format. Let’s have a look at how to convert OST files to Outlook PST format.

Why isn’t the OST File Conversion Supported by the PowerShell Command?

If you need to convert OST to PST on a regular basis, maybe to extract data from an OST that you need frequently, you can utilize a preset process. Technology users frequently create beneficial shell scripts to make the manual way easier and faster. As a result, some smart IT users have built papers that can utilize PowerShell to extract all of the data from OST files and save it in PST format. Although they were able to successfully export PST file contents to OST format, due to OST’s unique file format, they were unable to perform the converse.

According to them, Microsoft has never released the OST file specification and it is still in their possession, thus constructing an OST file reading script and exporting personal data will be impossible. The process, however, was effectively postponed, which is why there are numerous third-party internet tools that can open, scan, and export OST files to various formats.

As a result, converting OST to PST using PowerShell is now not possible. However, if one learns to use PowerShell with Outlook and the Office object model, as well as do sufficient research and experimentation with various books, this may be accomplished quickly.

Converting OST Files by Hand is a Time-Consuming Process.

Users can convert an OST file to a PST format using the manual technique. The steps to convert OST files to PST format are as follows:

  • To begin, download and install the Microsoft Outlook application on your computer.
  • Now select the “Import and Export” option from the “file” menu.
  • An import and export window will appear; select “Export to a file” and then right-click on the “Next” button in that window.
  • Choose the “Outlook data file (.pst)” option from the Import a file window and right-click on the “Next” button once more.
  • Select the mailbox folder from which you want to convert the OST files.
  • Add the place where you want your converted OST file to be saved.

Cons that a user may encounter when converting OST files to Outlook PST format include the following:

  • Users encounter difficulties when converting OST files.
  • There are more chances of making a mistake.
  • This is not a direct conversion procedure.
  • The tool does not support bulk conversions.
  • As a result, consumers look for a third-party tool that can convert OST files to PST files.

Using a Third-Party Tool for the Conversion

Using a third-party program, converting OST files to Outlook PST format is simple and reliable. The procedures to consistently and conveniently convert OST files using this powerful application are as follows:

  1. To begin, download and install Skilled OST to PST Converter software.
  2. Add any OST files you want to convert to PST format now.
  3. Check out the files you’ve chosen by previewing them.
  4. Determine where you want the converted OST files to be saved.
  5. Select the “Convert Now” option.
  6. These are the procedures to take if you want to convert OST files quickly.


The PowerShell command to convert OST files to Outlook PST format guide you to the solution. . Additionally, the conversion of OST files was explained, as well as the ways that a user can use to convert OST files to Outlook PST format. Furthermore, if a user wants to learn more about the tool, they can purchase the licensed version.


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