Injury insurance for high-risk occupational workers makes

Injury insurance for high-risk occupational workers makes

Injury insurance for high-risk occupational workers makes up for occupational risk vacancies and provides comprehensive protection with three major features of the “commuter e-family”

Three hundred and sixty lines, the line is the champion, behind the success of all walks of life, there are hidden potential risks that cannot be seen. Is the accident coverage enough? According to Fubon Life Insurance’s online insurance data, only 10% of high-risk occupational workers (Note 1) are insured online for injury insurance, indicating that there is still room to strengthen accidental injury protection for high-risk occupational workers. To meet the diversified needs of the market and strengthen the protection of high-risk occupational workers, Fubon Life has launched the “Fubon Life Commuter e Family Online Insurance Injury Insurance” (Note 2) (hereinafter referred to as “Commuter e Family”) for high-risk occupational workers. “), “commuter e-family” has three major features: “high occupational risk can also be insured”, “low premium”, and “six times the compensation for specific accidents”, giving high-risk occupational workers constant protection!

Chen Junpan, general manager of Fubon Life, said that accidents come silently and unpredictably. To make up for the public’s accident gap, Fubon Life continues to provide more comprehensive and diversified protection in the research and development, and promotion of insurance products. The excellent insurance experience provides a protective shield for customers.

Occupational security covers a wide range of 1 to 6 types of high occupational risk occupations that can be insured

In the planning of insurance products for high-risk occupational workers, due to the high level of occupational risk, the premiums are higher or the insurance is denied, and it is difficult to find injury insurance products that meet their own needs in product selection. Some injury insurance products on the market only cover 1~4 occupational levels, and the coverage is relatively limited. To fill the protection gap for workers with high occupational risks, Fubon Life Insurance’s online insurance for “commuter e-family” can be insured for occupational level 1. ~6 categories, such as military police, firefighters, rescue personnel, flight attendants, pilots, and other high-risk occupations can be insured to provide complete protection.

Low premiums, high protection, and more robust accident protection

“Commuter e-family” also has the characteristics of low premiums, and small expenditures can provide year-round protection without increasing the premiums due to the increase of the insured age. Taking a 40-year-old working as a police officer (risk level 3) as an example, the maximum insured amount for a “commuter e-family” is 500,000 yuan, and the annual premium is only 1,025 yuan, which translates to an average daily expenditure of less than 3 yuan. You can build a safety net for a small amount of money. In addition, if the job runway is changed during the insurance period, the occupational risk level is reduced, and the rate can be reduced according to the actual occupational risk level so that every penny can maximize the benefits.

Enhanced commuting protection Six times the compensation for specific accidents

In addition to the potential risks of the work itself, commuting injuries are also the most easily overlooked link. According to the 2018 occupational disaster statistics of the Bureau of Labor Insurance, there are about 50,000 occupational disasters in Taiwan throughout the year, of which injuries caused by commuting are the largest overall. 35% of the total. To provide comprehensive protection, if the insured has an accident due to riding a motorcycle, bicycle, or land public transport, the “Commuter e-Clan” will also provide six times the death insurance for specific accidents, with the aforementioned police insured amount of 500,000 yuan, for example, if death (Note 3) is caused by a specific traffic accident during commuting, a total of 3,000,000 yuan can be claimed (Note 4).

The company’s injury insurance breaks through the restrictions of the work type and can be guaranteed at all times

High-risk occupational workers often experience unstable working hours and locations at work. Given this, Fubon Life has continued to expand the scope of online insurance services, so that high-risk occupational workers are not restricted by their job type to apply for insurance. Comprehensive protection for high-risk occupational workers at all times.

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occupational category (rank) is for workers in categories 3 to 6, which are high-risk occupational workers. The occupational categories (ranks) covered by insurance are limited to 1 to 6 categories. Please refer to the “Taiwan Area Injury Insurance Personal Occupational Classification Table” on the product information page for the classification of occupational categories.

Note 2: The commuter e-family insurance period is one year, and the insured age is 20 to 65 years old.

Note 3: A specific accident refers to the accidental death of a motorcycle or a bicycle or a landmass vehicle, in addition to the general accident death insurance premium (equal to the insured amount), plus 5 times the insured amount, a total of 6 times the insured amount.

Note 4: The maximum insured amount is 500,000 yuan, and the maximum compensation for death due to a specific accident is 6 times the insurance premium of 3,000,000 yuan. Titanium members have a maximum cumulative insured amount of 1 million yuan, and if the death is due to a specific accident, the maximum compensation is 6 times the insurance premium of 6 million yuan (Titanium members: existing customers of Fubon Life, refer to “holding a valid Fubon Life policy and the policy The applicant who has a mobile phone number or email in the information”), the commuter e-family insurance period is one year, and the insured age is 20 to 65 years old.

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