Indulge In Indian Perfume Brands For That Desi Aromatic Touch

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When expensive international perfumes fade away fast, it can be disappointing. Most of the luxury perfume brands are not made for Indian humid weather. What you need is a perfume made by keeping the needs of an average Indian in mind. Changing Indian weather & the way an average perfume user uses the scent affects it all. Instead of spending a huge sum on international scents, it is time to go desi.

Perfumes With Desi Touch Made For Indians!

Why wear scents that do not make your senses feel at home? We are not talking about perfumes filled with curry smells or the aroma coming from the kitchen. But a perfume that makes you feel Indian at heart. The fragrance of fresh flowers like Jasmine, Roses, Mogra, Tuberose, and Lotus. The aroma of fragrant woods like sandalwood, frankincense, Musk, Cedar, rosewood, and vetiver.

The scent of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaf, pepper, black pepper, and cumin. The freshness of herbs like peppermint, mint, fresh-cut leaves. Tangy flavors of citruses of all kinds available in India. These brands use many aromatic notes available in India. Made in Indian perfumes will amaze you with the way they bring together all for aromatic bliss.

A Price Is Acceptable For All!

There is a dramatic price difference between an Indian brand & an international one. Although the quality and quantity are the same, one is available at a much lower price than the other. International perfume brands charge so much. People buy them thinking they are getting better quality.

While the Indian branded perfumes online having similar quality have low sales. Brands like Perfumer’s Club are offer EDP for men & women having an 18% perfume oil concentration. It is highest among top-end luxury scents at a fraction of cost. Instead of creating new scents every month, these brands offer few. Yet, all these fragrances are mind-blowing. They have something suitable for every season and mood.

Understanding their buyers, Indian perfume brands offer better quality without charging a lot. This price is further discounted during the sale period. Imagine getting amazing perfumes with 24 hours lasting at the cost of a deodorant bottle. No other branded international perfume brand is doing it. Imagine getting a luxury fragrance to feel at unbelievable prices.

A Fragrance That Lasts Even In Indian Humidity!

International perfume brands are crafted for pleasant weather or countries with no humidity. These often do not work as well as they should in humid tropical weather of our country. For that, you need something that is designed by keeping the Indian seasons in mind, which are a lot. India experiences every season & weather present on earth. Indians need perfume brands that can make us smell good around the year.

Indian brands like Perfumer’s club offer scents ideal for summers, spring, monsoon, fall, and winters. With 18% perfume essence concentration, these perfumes have a slower evaporation rate. With concentration this high, the perfume molecules will stick to your skin, making you smell great for up to 24 hours. Even if you sweat a lot, this perfume concentration is enough to keep you smelling good for a decent time.

It Is All About Made In India!

While talking about giving priority to Indian brands, we often forget few categories. The makeup and personal care range are one of the leading ones in it. We prefer to buy only international brands thinking Indian brands do not have excellent quality. It is quite common for perfume users to think they can get a good aroma, versatile choice, and lasting only with a foreign brand. Several Indian brands on the other hand are trying to supply high-quality scents and all they need is support from buyers. They avoid spending a lot on the packaging and work only on fragrances. They avoid hiring celebrities and let their product speak for itself.

Brands like Perfumer’s Club source their ingredients in the country. They manufacture and pack the perfumes having everything completely Indian. This not only allows the economy to rise but gives job opportunities to so many Indians. If you believe in doing something for the country, there is no need to do a lot. Helping small brands keeping their quality high by getting their product will be enough. If you know someone who believes in supporting small brands, gift a scent to them.

Indian perfume brands work hard in crafting unique scents for the Indian nose. Along with providing you the best design and fragrance, they try to keep the cost of the perfume minimal as well. You can try out these perfumes available online on popular online shops and brand stores. If the expensive luxury scents are not able to satisfy your perfume needs, it is time to try something Indian. You can also save some bucks as well while smelling good with these amazing fragrances. Sometimes, it is good to be Desi!


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