Important Tips About Partner-Visa: Know Before Visa Application

TIps for Partner Visa

If you are planning to apply for an Australian Partner Visa, there are some tips you need to know before processing the application. The application process is a bit stressful, expensive and arduous for many couples.

Each year thousands of applicants apply for a partner visa with the hope of bringing their partner with them to Australia. However, sometimes the applicant’s relationships are genuine, but their application gets rejected, and the reason is unidentified for many applicants.

What is Partner Visa?

A partner visa is designed for those who are seeking to live with their partner legally in Australia. A partner visa is also known as a spouse visa, and allows a partner to immigrate to Australia after visa approval. It has two different types: an offshore partner visa and an onshore partner visa. The application process to apply for any partner visa is the same, but the requirements are different.

Types of Partner Visa

There are two types of partner visas:

Offshore Partner/spouse Visa

The Offshore partner/spouse visa is for people currently living outside Australia, or the partner visa is for couples. The partner visa is for those in a de facto relationship or married and waiting offshore until the grant of a partner visa; once the visa is granted, you may enter Australia or assume residence in Australia.

Onshore Partner/spouse Visa

The Onshore partner/spouse visa is for people currently living in Australia. The benefit you get as an applicant is that you can remain in Australia during the process of a partner visa. It takes up to 21 months to process and applying for an onshore partner visa is undoubtedly a favorable option.

The application process for a partner visa is the same for both, whether it is temporary or permanent. Until you prove your relationship with your partner for more than three years or you have children together. The temporary partner visa may be granted initially, and you can apply for permanent residence (PR) after two years of submitting your visa application.

Tips to Apply for Partner Visa

For many applicants, it becomes critical to provide accurate information and documents to the Department of House Affairs (DHA), so make sure to follow the tips below.

  • Before you lodge for a partner visa, discuss with each other previous relationships, criminal convictions and medical issues. Same as, if the applicant has a poor immigration history like cancellations, overstaying visas and refusals, this can delay the process.
  • You need to provide the information about your relationship, like when and where you first met, started dating, moved in together or became engaged/married, etc. The following information is used repeatedly in the application, so it needs to be consistent.
  • Don’t forget you are going to convince an immigration officer, so your documents are essential, and your relationship is also based on a piece of paper. Store the digital or scanned copies of your bills, emails and other documents, and make sure you have a sufficient number of photos of yourself as a couple and with families and friends.
  • A marriage certificate and registered relationship certificate will not get you a partner visa.
  • You need to be transparent with the immigration officer about your relationship, share your significant movements, and tell the story of your relationship from the beginning and your future plans. However, the immigration officers no longer conduct face-to-face interviews as part of the partner visa process.
  • In general, it requires more documents to support your long-term relationship; if you have substantial documentation like property ownership, joint bank accounts, joint lease agreements and joint utility bills, you may not need to provide the less essential documents such as memberships receipts and greeting cards.
  • If the immigration officer is looking and reading through your personal documents, do not provide them, even if you are comfortable. The application process delves into your personal lives but does not feel pressured to give evidence and information about your intimate relationship. The immigration officer does not need to see emails, photographs and explicit texts.
  • The migration agent can save your time and money in the long run and help in all documentation processes. The partner visa fees for lodgment are significant, almost $8,000 and immigration law constantly changes. In that case, it is always better to take advice from an expert or professional.

Some Reasons Why an Australian Partner Visa Application Rejects?

  • If you cannot define household and relationship commitment nature, financial information and social information.
  • Incorrectly submitted the file.
  • Provide incorrect information in the interview.
  • Unable to pass the character test.
  • If you do not add the children’s details accurately.


As an applicant, the criteria and procedure for a partner visa is quite different as compared and take a long time. However, suppose you still feel that the information given above is insufficient. In that case, you can consult with our resourceful panel of immigration consultants now or contact Asia Pacific Group for Partner Visa services.



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