Importance of Scholarships to Study MBBS in UK

Importance of Scholarships to Study MBBS in UK
Importance of Scholarships to Study MBBS in UK


Do you dream of being a doctor? Do you want to study medicine abroad, but the high cost of studies is an obstacle for you?

Don’t give up on your dream so easily. In this article, we will show you importance of scholarships to study MBBS in UK  and the top medical scholarships in UK in 2022.

Study MBBS in UK

Scholarships to Study MBBS in UK

It is therefore an irreplaceable opportunity to obtain one of the best university degrees in the world. Unfortunately, this type of quality is usually prohibitively expensive. However, most students were worried about tuition fees and other expenses.

In fact, there are plenty of scholarships to study medicine in the UK. This is due to the fact that the medical field includes the various disciplines such as surgery, dentistry as well as pharmacy.

Therefore, if you can prove that you are an outstanding student with great achievements, you should not think long and apply for a scholarship to study medicine in the UK.

Here are some of the best free medical scholarship opportunities in UK supporting international students every year to study and complete their degree in this field:

UK Government Scholarship Scheme for International Students

The UK government offers scholarships to people with high academic grades and high leadership potential. Students awarded these scholarships are personally selected by British Embassies around the world.

In addition, awarded students have a great opportunity to develop academically, learn about British culture and have a unique experience.

Hull York International Medical College Scholarship

The Medicine Scholarships in UK offered by Hull York Medical College is a great advantage for international students. This is because it covers a quarter of UK tuition fees in the first two years.

It should be noted that this scholarship is only for medical and surgical students. Basically, as is the case with the majority of scholarships, they are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need.

John Abernthy Scholarship

The John Abernthy scholarship to study medicine in the UK is for international and UK students. The subsidy is superintended by Queen Mary University of London.

With the increase in university studies, and with satisfactory progress that has occurred each year, the student beneficiary of this scholarship continues to benefit from it for five years, unlike most scholarships, no more than three years.

Global Excellence Scholarship

The College of Medical Sciences and Dentistry offers a number of scholarships to study MBBS in UK. These scholarships are unique in that they are global on the one hand, while they are based on criteria of excellence on the other.

Obviously, this is a great advantage for students who excel in their field of study, whether UK or international.

Additionally, each scholarship costs £2,000 and lasts for one year. It is also open to all applicants who have accepted into a UK medical school.

King’s University Scholarship

King’s College for Social, Health and Medical Sciences is offering scholarships to study human medicine in the UK. It is offered to students who register for a bachelor’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree in global health and social medicine.

The total value of this scholarship is £3,000 for each year of the freshman certificate.

Also, international students are eligible to apply and benefit from this scholarship, and the selection is mainly based on the standard of living of the candidate as well as their academic excellence.

International Pharmacy Fellowship

The Pharmacy College at the University of Birmingham is offering scholarships for a 5-year degree in Pharmacy, so international students can also apply.

As a result, Birmingham College seeks to offer five overseas scholarships each year. Each is worth £3,000. Basically, the scholarships cover tuition fees for five-year studies at the University of Birmingham.

In fact, to continue to benefit from this scholarship each year, your study results must always be excellent.

The UK also claims the second highest number of Nobel Prizes in Medicine since 1901, just ahead of Germany. studying MBBS in UK for Indian students is a chance to benefit from cutting-edge expertise in research-intensive institutions.

For students in particular, one of the advantages of the UK medical system is that they can start at 18 – they don’t need to complete a degree in another discipline first. Here we detail what you need to consider when applying for a postgraduate course to study MBBS in UK.

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