Ideas For Improving Performance Of The website


Over the years, our website design company Boston has earned a name of quality and seriously we have worked a lot for building the quality of performance in a website. Have you ever experienced the scenario when a website shows the Loading sign and keeps going in swirls for an indefinite time? That is definitely a red flag and shows that the website was developed with low optimization parameters. 


Like this, there are plenty of factors that would annoy your user. Additionally, if your website does not comply with Google’s suggestions on how to improve the quality of your website, it will be bad for you. Unless Google finds you giving their search engine users a great experience, why would they crawl and place you on the Search engine? So, since they are the leaders when it comes to the search phenomenon, we better that sorted out right. Whether you need a website design company Boston, a complex eCommerce website, or a WordPress website, you should realize that the website needs to be pumped up for great performance. Let’s think about various ideas that would help to improve the performance of the website. Just don’t read about it, but learn how to use it, and yes please try it too. It will definitely help you. We have not one, but nine ways of boosting the performance and traffic results to the website.


How fast is your Page Speed?

 In order to start, you first need to know how fast your website is. In other words, if your webpage loads fast in a matter of 3-5 seconds, then it is pretty good. Whereas if you are taking longer, then it is best to get a detailed assessment of the website quality with the help of the eCommerce web design Boston and understand what needs to be changed, updated, or removed. Go to PageSpeed Insights and place your URL in the bar. Do the test to check the speed. If the mark goes anywhere above the 5 mark threshold, then it needs your attention immediately.


Improve your Cache facility

The cache may seem small but is one of the silent factors that can contribute to the website’s performance. To start with, you need to head to your browser cache section. Go in and enable the browser cache so that a portion of your website static files get saved on their systems for a short period of time. This will help to load the website quickly. If you are using a WordPress website, then you can enable the option right away. Since your URLs are all saved, the images and other content will be loaded quickly, every time they come back to your website. This leverages the user experience as the search goes on fast.


Host Websites

Think of website development along with finding the right host provider too near your place. You can approach the expert mobile app development company in Boston for this service, as the team has a quality benchmark to give the best hosting provider service. With our expertise, our clients can specify their budgets and requirements to choose between dedicated servers or shared hosting plans. The right host provider can offer advanced storage and connectivity features that ensure your website crawls, loads and interacts with the end-user.


Have you used CDN?

CDN is the Content Delivery Network and it helps the user connect to your website at a fast pace. If you are using cloud hosting services, then this will not be applicable. Otherwise, you need to use the CDN. Now, in normal cases, if you have a website visitor who wants to visit the website from another location, then normally, they will have to enter your URL. Now, this will first connect to your server and from there it will take the visitor to your website. That can create a few hitches in case the connectivity is low or probably any other server issues. For this, you have to use server-based clusters or the CDNs that store a copy of many websites in a certain location. This will help retrieve the website quickly and load it on the end user’s side.


Keep Alive Option for Connectivity

To give an enriching experience for your final user, the right team from the website design company Boston will help you with smart, technological solutions. Every time a user comes, the cache helps the server will fetch the information needed and display it on the screen. But, if you have not done a website configuration properly, each entry will be a new one and take time to connect, load, and transfer the data. This is not good quality. For this, we enable modern and highly complex websites with the Keep-Alive HTTP connection. This enhances the smooth transfer of data between the servers in a short span of time. It is best to take help from the technical team to enable such options, as a wrong configuration can cause other hidden issues within the website.


Query Strings are No-No

These are suffixes that one can see at the end of the URL. They look meaningless and include a couple of characters like a full stop, question marks, hyphens, and so on. In coding, this is called a query string and was initially created to break free from loading restrictions across the globe. Plus, it also activates the cache and loads the updated content of a website only. Now, that was good for all, before the era of CDNs. Today, CDNs have custom-made solutions to cache the content and these clusters are not very query string friendly. So, now it’s a problem. So, better untick that option from your settings.


Short and crisp scripts

In the past, we had to deal with lengthy codes that the developers would take months to create. Today, it is about using minimal codes so that the performance of the website is improved strategically. For this, expert developers in our workforce, use the minification process. This allows them to eliminate unwanted codes or extra characters that hardly make a difference in the final product. Just as a note to new coders, in general, you cannot completely remove a code, because it will have a function attached to it. However, sometimes old codes or irrelevant aspects need to be removed without causing an error. Plus, always do a quality check for this.


Optimized Themes

Today, Website optimization techniques are highly searched by most digital marketing professionals, But very few succeed in this process. People who are new to this world may think that if you include a few keywords, the work gets done. But there is a lot more to that. When our team works for eCommerce web design in Boston, we make sure that each and every section is optimized for the website. This means that the images, videos, fonts, color themes, navigations, space, URL specification, and website architecture is used so that the website can be accessed within minimal time.


Got Unused WordPress Plugins?

By the way, if you are not seeing any old WordPress plugins, just disable them. They are an unwanted space occupier and reduce memory function every time unnecessarily. Instead of that, you can remove them, and fit in the latest plugins that add more functionality to the website.


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