How to use Hashtags on Instagram and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twitter in 2021

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A hashtag has been an effective tool on various social media platforms since its 2007 debut on Twitter.(followers on facebook) You can use it for many purposes and, when used properly, make your brand social media-friendly like a fish in water: popular with a “school” of subscribers. This guide will provide all you know about hashtags to improve your SMM strategy.Click here

Let’s begin with some #hashtagbasics.

A hashtag is a phrase or word preceded by a have. Also known as the (#). A pound sign or a hashtag can also identify words and phrases. It’sIt’s used to categorize social media content and is a glorified tag system. Hashtags allow people to easily find relevant posts on social media, increasing their engagement and views. You can insert a hashtag organically into the post text, in a separate paragraph, or the comment section.

There are many reasons to use it:

Facilitate people’s access to your content.

Increase your brand’sbrand’s reach and attract people from your industry or target audience.

Commenting on current topics can improve your brand’sbrand reputation and perception.

Inform people about sales, promotions, or special offers;

Your followers should be educated about the industry, brand, and people.

Describe the brand’sbrand’s opinions on current events and attitudes toward trends.

Follow hashtag popularity across different platforms. Study and use the collected information.

Let’sLet’s move on to the specific platforms.


While we tend to associate hashtags with Instagram and Twitter, they can also be used on Facebook. Although they were initially less visible and had fewer interactions when they first appeared, users grew to love them, and now everything works as it should. Use only one or two hashtags. You will look unprofessional and annoyed if you use more than one or two hashtags. It is also essential to make all your posts public, so everyone can find you using the hashtags. This will make your brand more visible and increase followers and engagement.


Although hashtags were not intended to be used on this platform, they finally caved in 2018. They created a search engine focusing on hashtags so professionals interested in your brand can find your posts from anyone outside of your network. You should use two to three hashtags to increase brand awareness and make your posts more accessible. LinkedIn will suggest hashtags for you when you start writing a post. You can include them if they are a good match, but not just because it is convenient. Ensure your page is visible to your followers so that your posts are not to get followers on facebook business page


This is the place where hashtags have the most significant impact. Instagram allows you up to 30 hashtags. Using ten to eleven hashtags is the recommended amount for Instagram. However, you can experiment with the number to find what works best for your brand. You can also create your hashtag and write it in your BIO. This will be used in all posts about your brand, products, or company activities. You can use the search box to check the popularity of specific hashtags. The number of times Instagram uses it will indicate its popularity. There is also a list of popular hashtags such as #love and #nofilter. It’sIt’s easy to search for the most popular hashtags and find out which ones you can use in your posts. It would be best if you did not use the most popular hashtags. Millions of other positions will drown your post. Use specific words to balance your message and increase visibility.


Use one to two hashtags in your tweets to get twice the clicks, likes, and replies than tweets that don’tdon’t use hashtags. Overusing more than one hashtag can lead to decreased engagement. These are the exact numbers.


The use of 1-2 hashtags can increase engagement by 21%

Your attention will plummet by 17% if you use more than two hashtags

Tweets that include 1-2 hashtags are 55% less likely to be retweeted.

Only 25% of tweets that do not include hashtags are likely to get retweeted.

You can also ask your followers to like, retweet, and share the tweets. This will increase engagement. Make sure to look at the top trending hashtags on Twitter and use them if you want to engage people in conversation.

Hashtag Types

Branded hashtags are created by companies to be promoted and tagged with them. It could be the brand’sbrand’s name slogan or a phrase directly associated with it—for example, #justdoit.

Common essential hashtags for content under posts to identify a social network, industry, or sphere of your life. You can also mark a position using another categorical label to make it easier to search.

Trending hashtags are the most used hashtags on any social network today. These hashtags can be found on social media using tools or sites specifically designed for this purpose. Use trending hashtags with relevant content to increase engagement and virality of your posts.

Event hashtags are hashtags that refer to specific events or general celebrations. This can be a conference, concert, sporting event, or holiday.

Campaign hashtags are hashtags that relate to specific campaigns. You can use them to announce new products or services, significant business changes, and special offers. These hashtags can increase brand awareness or attract attention to a specific topic.

Metrics to Track

It is crucial to know how to evaluate the effectiveness of your hashtag usage, even if you have figured it out. These are the key things to look out for to determine if your hashtag usage is adequate.

  • Users: To ensure you’re using the correct hashtags for your target audience, check out posts from other users. You can find brands in your niche or popular users with a similar audience.
  • Popularity: Hashtags that are frequently used are often searched. You can use some of these hashtags to make your post more popular. However, it is essential not to spam messages and only use relevant ones.
  • Reach – The most popular hashtags can increase your post’spost’s reach. Try using other hashtags or increasing their number if your posts aren’t famous enough.
  • Interactions – ensure that your followers see what you post and engage with it. Your followers will be more reachable and increase in number if they comment, like, or share your posts.
  • Useful Tools
  • Hashtagify is a great tool to increase your success in hashtag marketing. This tool lets you quickly find the most relevant hashtags for your brand and trending topics on Instagram and Twitter. It helps you build relationships and identify critical issues to get involved.
  • KeyHole – a real-time, automated hashtag tracking tool that helps you track URLs and keywords.

RiteTag enables you to monitor and efficiently manage hashtag performance and determine which hashtags are trending. It can be used to promote your social media updates and generate content ideas for future posts that interest your audience.

Trendsmap: This is a great tool to see which hashtags are trending in your area. You can also check out the most recent trends in your location to see what potential customers are talking about online.

BuzzSumo allows you to search for popular blog posts, influencers, and trending topics in your niche. You can view specific hashtags to find out how they perform across various social channels. Additionally, you can see a list of posts where hashtags are most commonly used and create content using them.

Common Tips

  • Use specific hashtags wherever possible. You will be more likely to attract the right audience if you can be more specific. The most popular hashtags have a broad reach, but the most straightforward is targeted at people.
  • Do not experiment with hashtags by yourself. It’sIt’s always better to learn from others than experiment with hashtags at first. You can look at the pages of your closest competitors to ensure you aren’taren’t making the same strategic mistakes. You can monitor how many people engage with posts using specific hashtags if you have a typical target audience.
  • Knowing your audience is key to a successful hashtag strategy. Learn how each platform works. It is essential to take the time to analyze and gather information from different hashtag strategies in your brand’sbrand account. There is no one right way.

Although hashtag management is essential in today’stoday’s social media-driven world, it doesn’tdoesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. This guide is intended to help you create your SMM strategy and help you identify and use the most relevant hashtags.

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