How to start an Instagram blog that brings more likes


Instagram blogs are the new trend on social handles. Influencers businesses and brands are working hard to create a blog that brings more likes, followers and engagements. For this, they even buy real Instagram likes uk and other services. Indeed these Instagram services kick start your presence, but you still need to learn how to start blogging on this photo-sharing application. Without any proper guidelines, you cannot do anything. So, are you prepared to learn all these? If yes, then continue reading!

How to begin the Instagram blog?

So, are you thinking of starting the blog on Instagram with no experience? If yes, the hod on because why don’t you read this blog first. You will be please to understand that it is imp to start an Instagram blog. You can tag Instagram blogging as microblogging because it is a 2200 limit for the text or caption. In the blogging platform, there is no. Let me share the exciting fact about Instagram blogging? Instagrammer with 15,000 fan bases can earn around 200 dollars per sponsored content.

Many users start blogging on this handle to sell items and bring more sales. Do you have the same motto, then read this blog? Insatgmais the perfect paltform fo rtose hwo donot ahve website ot sell thier seirvces. So continue reading.

How to Start blogging?

So are you looking for the means to start your Instagram blogging? Stay tuned because soon you wil be finding all about it in great detail.

Make the Account
So, how can you start blogging this handle without creating your Instagram account? Hence it is easy and smooth to do. It does never demand any money; it needs your time. So it takes just a few minutes, but all you need to work on is the username. Let us tell you an thrilling point about it! Unlike other handles, Instagrammer can change its username anytime they like. Many go for their full name, and business uses their brand name.

So first, create the Instagram profile.
• Download this photo-sharing app from the App Store (iPhone) and Google’s Play Store (Android)
• So, installed, hit the Instagram symbol to use it.
• Here you must Sign up using your id or phone number. It is for the android users. For an iPhone, you choose to select make an Account. After that, enter the phone number. Soon after it, you will receive a verification code via text to enter. Along with it, you can go fot the single sign-in by picking your FB login.
• After that, You will get the prompt to make a password -username.
• One this assures that you’re making a public account, not a private one. So let us move forward.

Select the suitable niche for blog.

When studying how to begin a blog, the main point to getting consistent growth is to offer your followers what they want from you. Are your travel bloggers then uploading the sponsored advertisement post for the recliner; you are misleading your followers. The probabilities are great that they start unfollowing you.

By selecting a category for the blogs, you’re an education user who visits your content exactly what sort of post they’ll have moving forward if they observe you.

You must bring careful care when picking a topic. While Instagrammer can change their direction, later on, accomplishing so can problematise your followers. Some bloggers begin with a general category like a lifestyle niche before fixing on a more limited niche such as parenting or travel.

Following are some popular niche

• travel
• lifestyle
• food
• money
Make an attractive Bio
What is Instagram bio? It is little text present under your images within the instagram profile. It is the place where visitors view the account, images, and all the content you made. It is the place where the visitor can hit the following icon. It is the area where you tell people:
• who are you
• what is your motto
• what is your objective

Here you have only 150 characters to express your profile. It is a better chance to leave a good impact.

Source or Take Attractive Images

Indeed Instagram is in the visual panhandle where the images you display matter more than the text. Pictures you upload have to follow the business identity pattern to create the style.

Write the Instagram Blog Content

An Instagram post blog is also named as the caption. So, your captions should not be 2,200 characters, not more. For this purpose, many believe that utilising this handle for blogging suggests that you are microblogging, like writing an entire blog post on your website.


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