How to Select the Best Cat Window Perch

Window Perch

A cat window perch can help your feline friend get more out of his window-watching habit. Whether you’re training a kitten or just want to offer your pet some entertainment, window perches allow your pet to be close to the outdoors without being in danger of falling or being hurt by birds or other small animals. To make sure you choose the best cat window perch, however, there are a few things you should look at when deciding on the right one for your home and your pet.

Important Considerations

One of your main considerations should be ease of cleaning. Dogs and cats can be messy animals, and depending on where you live and where you plan on placing your cat perch, you may have to deal with stains or spills. Look for a product that’s easy to clean, either by hand or in a dishwasher. Pay attention to aesthetics as well; if a perch is too large or oddly shaped, it could ruin an otherwise nice window frame. You’ll also want something sturdy, especially if multiple pets will be using it.

Types of Kitty Windows

There are many different kinds of cat windows. They can range from vertical sliders to standard window sashes, and each kind has their own pros and cons. For example, vertical sliders are excellent for multiple cat households because they’re wide enough for two cats to lie side-by-side. A regular window sash, on the other hand, might not be wide enough for two cats but it is an excellent choice if you want a pet flap or balcony railing attached to your kitty window since these attachments require that your cat window have a larger frame.

The Right Size of Kitty Windows

No matter how your cat feels about a Best Affordable Products window perch, you should make sure it’s a proper fit. If it’s too big, your kitty will have trouble climbing onto it—and if it’s too small, they won’t be able to stretch out and get comfortable. Ideally, you want something sized specifically for cats so that they can safely enjoy watching wildlife without having to worry about anything else getting in. When searching for a size or style that fits kitties best, remember that less is more: smaller is safer when you want them off of furniture and out of trouble.

Materials to Look For

The ideal cat window perch will depend on a few factors, including what type of window it is for and where your cat likes to sit. Some materials are better than others for certain situations. If you have an older house with single-paned windows, noise from outdoors can be a problem; if that’s your situation, look for thick foam or rubber as these offer some sound insulation. If you want something more plush and luxurious, microsuede fabrics might be a good choice because they also insulate against cold drafts. Foam-filled products should be lightweight so they don’t overload your window. You may want to place them in multiple locations around your home until you find one that fits both your feline friend and décor style perfectly!

Other Options

If you have other cats in your household, make sure you allow them a chance to use your new window perch as well. The last thing you want is for all of your kitties to feel left out! When picking a window perch, be sure it has enough room for multiple kitties or that there are enough places in your home where they can get alone time. It’s always better to overcompensate than skimp on space. Also keep in mind that size does matter; so even if one cat looks like he could curl up on a small perch, don’t be afraid to go bigger just so everyone gets plenty of snuggle time.

Pros & Cons

All cats love windowsills. Even those who aren’t particularly fond of heights may still enjoy lying on them, as they offer a great vantage point from which to watch birds, butterflies, and neighborhood squirrels. If you want your cat to have access to a window, but don’t feel comfortable with him being that close to an open space, you need a cat window perch. Unfortunately, not all cat window perches are created equal; some pose more dangers than others for your feline friend. Here are some of their pros and cons


It is important that you find a perch your cat will like; different cats have different preferences and as with any investment, it’s important to make sure that you get what you want. Once you do, there’s little doubt that your cat will enjoy sitting by a window or atop furniture with easy access to her kingdom. Still, if you’re going through all of these steps only for your cat to hate her new perch, it might be time for an upgrade. If she isn’t interested in even trying out her new perch right away (which is normal), try replacing it in a few weeks or months. Some cats just need time! For more visit here


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